Why a Visit to The Beaches of India is a Perfect Holiday Destination

The Beaches of India

The Beaches of Kerala, Karnataka, and Goa:

In southwest India, you will find stretches of white sandy beaches, coconut trees running by the water, beach huts, bungalows and restaurants along the beachfront. This is a definite worry-free zone and it all makes a perfect place for a holiday. There is nothing like waking up to a fresh watermelon juice, a morning swim and a dip in the ocean. If this sounds all a little bit too relaxing if there is such a thing you can also try some more energetic activities such as going out with fishermen on their boats to catch some fish, rent a boat and go for a cruise in the ocean, visit local towns and villages, visit a temple or church (in Goa), rent a motorbike to explore the area or take a yoga course.

Season to Visit:

The recommended season to visit the beaches is from the end of the monsoon around October time until March. Towards the end of the season, the beaches start to empty and the locals who sell their wares start to move to the north of India where the season begins.

If you plan on going after April time you will find that most of the restaurants are closed and the beaches are empty but besides some showers, the beaches are still attractive and can be great fun.

Which beaches to visit?

Beaches of Goa:


Although Goa has a reputation for being a party capital Arambol is one of the quieter and more pleasant beaches of Goa. The village sits on the edge of the beach which is full of guesthouses and restaurants. If you continue north towards the cliff there are apartments to rent and beach coves. Arambol has thankfully maintained its uncommercialized feel and local pressure has meant that no resorts or upmarket hotels have been built. Most of the accommodation is basic guesthouses and huts. Every Wednesday until the beginning of the monsoon there is a colourful Indian commodities market that is worth visiting. Around the area of Arambol, you can visit the famous markets of Anjuna and Mapusa and take a day trip to Anjuna and Vagator beach. On these beaches, the famous parties of Goa take place and are much noisier and built up.


Palolem is a beautiful, relaxing tropical beach in Goa. The beach is lined with huts and small bungalows which are sandwiched between the sea and coconut palms. There are many options for yoga courses, meditation, and ayurvedic massage and endless places to eat fresh seafood in the evening along the beach. You can also take a day trip to the butterfly island and go on a fishermen boat in the evening and catch some fish.

Beach of Karnataka:


Gokarna is located in northern Karnataka about four hours from Palolem. It is a small and remote holy town that is sacred to Hindus and celebrations associated with Shiva are held here. Apart from this, there are some lovely, quiet beaches a short boat journey from Gokarna. There are four beaches called Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Halfmoon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Each is a little different. Om Beach is busier and can be reached by rickshaw, unlike the other beaches. Paradise Beach attracts the ‘hippie’ crowd and is more relaxed. Accommodation and restaurants are quite simple and basic and attract the backpacker crowd so don’t expect upmarket hotels and glitzy nightlife with loud music. This area is for those that seek serenity and quiet.

Beaches of Kerala:


Kovalam, Kerala is an internationally known beach with three neighboring crescent beaches. It is very popular with international tourists especially Europeans and has a large array of top-class hotels. Beaches in Kovalam are usually full between December and January.


This is a unique beach and a lovely alternative to the commercialized Kovalam and a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate. Varkala is still not overly commercialized and has a charm and magnetism which will make you not want to leave. The beach is backdropped by a cliff and views over the Arabian Sea. A footpath runs from the beach to the top of the cliff where there are rows of small guest houses and hotels suiting all price ranges and seafood restaurants serving the catch of the day. Every evening you can watch the most beautiful sunsets in Kerala from the top of the cliff. Here as in all Kerala, you can enjoy various attractions such as sailing, Kathakali performances, ayurvedic massage and treatments, and yoga courses. There is also much see around the area and you can rent a moped and visit deserted beaches, small islands, south India style temples, local fishermen villages, and lovely tropical scenery.

We hope that this gives you a good enough reason to visit one of the Southern beaches of India we recommend it

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