Where is Ganesha Cave? How to reach Ganesh cave

Where is Ganesha Cave? How to reach Ganesh cave

Do you know where Ganesha Cave is? Do you know how Lord Ganesha reached there. Would you believe that Lord Ganesha wrote Mahabharata in this cave at the behest of Ved Vyas ji. There are some such mythological secrets, about which you will get to read in this article.

Where Ganesha Cave ?: (Ganesha Cave) Ganesh Cave is located in Mana village, about 4 km from Badrinath in the state of Uttarakhand. This village is called the last village of India. This mysterious Ganesh cave is a naturally built cave. This cave is on the confluence bank of the Alaknanda and Saraswati rivers. There is also Veda Vyasji and Muchukund cave near Ganesh cave.

What is recognition ?: Lord Ganesha is believed to be the Mangalakarta, Vighnaharta, God of knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, when the auspicious work begins in Hinduism, first of all Ganesh Lord is meditated. So when Ved Vyas ji started composing the epic Mahabharata, he not only meditated on Ganesh ji but also prepared Ganesh ji to write the Mahabharata with his own hand. According to the belief, Ganesh ji also agreed to write Mahabharata, along with a condition. Lord Ganesha told Ved Vyas Ji that you keep telling the story continuously, otherwise your story will stop where I will also leave the task of writing. Then your story is complete or incomplete. Ved Vyas ji said, but you will not write anything without thinking and without consulting me. In this way Vyas ji got Ganesh ji confused in his words and Ganesh ji had to write the whole Mahabharata story sitting in a small cave. It is believed that earlier Mahabharata was named Jai Gatha.

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Beas Cave: Another cave near the Ganesh cave is Vyas cave. Although it is a small cave, but Vyas cave is full of many mysteries. According to the belief, thousands of years ago, Maharishi Ved Vyas composed all the Puranas in this cave. The unique terrace of this cave is a matter of discussion for every tourist. On seeing this roof, it seems as if many pages are placed on top of one. Hence it is also called Vyas Pothi. It is believed that Maharishi Ved Vyas had asked Lord Ganesha to write those pages of Mahabharata but did not include it in that epic and he turned those pages into stone with his power.

How is Vyas Cave at present? : Presently, Vyas ji’s temple remains in this cave. Also the statue of his two sons Shukdev ji and Vallabhacharya is also decorated. And there is also an ancient statue of Lord Vishnu. Upon entering this cave, there is a feeling of peace and spiritual happiness. Which can be a relaxing moment for every tourist.

Muchukund Cave: Muchukund Cave is a short distance from Vyas Cave. According to the mythological belief, Kaliya Yavan was consumed by Lord Krishna at the sight of Muchukund. After which the Lord appeared before Muchukund and said stop hunting and get into the meditation of God. After which Muchukund walked towards Shri Badrikashram. Many people come here to visit on Avani Janmashtami.

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How to reach Ganesh Cave ?: Tourists visiting Badrinath can easily reach Ganesh cave. Tourists can reach Badrinath Dham from Haridwar and Rishikesh and then further to Mana village via National Highway 58. The nearest railway station from here is Haridwar which is about 320 kilometers. The airport is at Dehradun, 340 km away.

Best time to visit here: If you want to come to see Ganesh cave then you can come between May to November. Because the weather here is clear during these months.

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