When To Visit Andaman and Nicobar – How To Plan?

how to and when to go andaman nicobar

The weather remains pleasant throughout the year in Andaman and Nicobar, but if you go here at the best time, the atmosphere will be even better. The best thing about Andaman and Nicobar is that the temperature here is good throughout the year and the temperature change is very low. Being a tropical island, Andaman and Nicobar do not get much winter.

The weather remains pleasant throughout the year in Andaman and Nicobar, but if you go here at the best time, the atmosphere will be even better. The best thing about Andaman and Nicobar is that the temperature here is good throughout the year and the temperature change is very low. Being a tropical island, Andaman and Nicobar do not get much winter so it can be distributed in the monsoon and summer seasons. Such temperatures occur in Visakhapatnam or Bengaluru. The sea breeze makes the atmosphere more pleasant for the tourists here. The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar is considered to be between October and May.

Summer Season

The summer season is considered to be the best for visiting Andaman and Nicobar. There is no rain in this season and the weather is perfect for diving and marine activities. In Andaman, this season starts from January and runs till the end of April. During this time a large number of tourists come here. During this time all types of water sports are also available for tourists.

Temperature- During this time, the temperature ranges from 25 ° C to 32 ° C and humidity is 80 percent. This is the best season to visit Andaman. During this time the air is quite cool and watersports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, and snorkeling continue.

Why Go To The Summer Season

Most of the beautiful pictures of Andaman and Nicobar you have seen on the internet are from this season. Many festivals are also organized here during this season. To get into the summer season you do not need to check the temperature, just pack your bag and get out for a visit to Andaman.

Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is the second season of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Andaman Archipelago receives two monsoon spots of rain here, northeast and southwest monsoon. Let us tell you that the southwest monsoon reaches Andaman first and then turns towards the mainland of India. The northeast monsoon rains occur from November to January while the southwest monsoon rains till January as well.

Temperature – during this time the temperature varies between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. Strong winds blow and there is no time for rain.

Check before leaving- This is not considered a good time to visit Andaman and Nicobar, so get information before going. Watersports are also closed during this period. Ferry services are also disrupted due to the strong sea breeze, but due to reduced tourist movement, hotels offer cheaper fares. The sky is also clouded by black thick clouds instead of blue.

Tips- During this time, traveling to Andaman and Nicobar is not as dangerous as it seems. But due to the weather, some Peshānis may have to face it. In this season, you will get a chance to see the culture, lifestyle and life of Andaman up close. If you want to go in this season, then carry a wind chitter, raincoat, umbrella, mosquito repellent, flashlight and power bank with you. During this time do not carry expensive gadgets and expensive cameras.

How To Plan Andaman Nicobar Travel?

Where Is Andaman and Nicobar?

See in this image:

Where Is Andaman and Nicobar travel

As you can see Andaman and Nicobar is not a single island, but a group of 572 islands. This is why you have to use ferry, ship, ship or boat, again and again, to roam here.

One thing to note is that when we go to roam here, we only roam in Andaman because it is not allowed to visit Nicobar. Because there are tribal or tribal people who are protected by the government. They still live like primitive people today.

How Much Will The Trip Cost?

It is very difficult to tell this. Because it depends on a lot of factors –

  • Which is the hotel?
  • What are you eating and drinking?
  • What are the activities?
  • etc.

But if you talk about a normal middle-class family, which manages and plans its travel, then it is about Rs. Can do one week tour according to 25000 to 35000 per person, including air tickets and everything.

Book a travel package or manage it yourself? Travel Package Vs Self Manage

If you are not going in peak season then you can manage by yourself. You will find it comparatively cheaper and you will have the option to choose the right hotel, otherwise, the travel company has given it. This can be done in Peak season too, but it will not be easy to find the right hotel at the right price due to the rush.

Saintleigh tribals live on an island in Andaman and Nicobar, which are considered very dangerous. They have been living in isolation from the world for thousands of years and if someone tries to contact them, they kill them. It is strictly forbidden to go here!

How To Plan on Which Day To Go, How To Go?

The best way to do this is to call the travel companies and ask them to email your plan. You can prepare your plan by asking for two or three plans or you can make a booking from one of them.

What To Do With a Ferry / Cruise / Ship ticket?

Both public and private cruises operate in Andaman and Nicobar. The price of the government is almost half of the private, but it is difficult to get those tickets because there is no online booking, and it is difficult to get tickets after reaching them because all the tickets are already sold.

You have many options in private and you can book online.

Keep in mind that some cruise companies, such as the Makruzz Company, do not allow them to go to the deck of your ship… You have to travel in a closed space and you can walk to the side. You will not enjoy that much… Government ships and some private ships like Green Ocean allow you to go on deck and you will enjoy traveling on them.

Will There Have To Be a Vehicle To Roam Within The Island?

Yes, in many places you have an Innova or a big family, then you will have to do a Tempo Traveler. And here the taxi is not booked for the whole day, then spot boking is done, so it is expensive.

You can also roam by auto in Port Blair because both their availability and rate are very good, you will save a lot of money.

What Should Andaman Nicobar Take?

That is what you should take to the beaches.

  • Sleepers, crocs
  • Shorts and 3 / 4th pants,
  • Hat or hat
  • goggles
  • Some jeans – T-shirts/shirts (you won’t always be in the water)
  • Sunscreen, especially when you are going in summer because there is a lot of tanning here
  • Umbrella – not necessary but ok
  • Essential medicines
  • Sea-sickness medicine, many people have problems with it on the ship

💡 And yes, always keep enough cash with you because in many places you may have difficulty in getting ATM.

Which Mobile Network Will Work? / Mobile Network in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  • Vodafone
  • BSNL (most preferred)
  • Airtel

But that’s just for talking, not for the internet.

Will Internet Work in Andaman and Nicobar?

As of May 2019, Internet connectivity in Andaman is very poor. But you can do important work by going to a cyber café. Hotel wi-fi can also work but you cannot depend too much on it.

Not having the Internet also means that you keep a hard copy of everything, or download it in mobile beforehand.

  • Tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Trip plan

How To Reach Andaman Nicobar?

There are two ways –

  • Cruise or ship
  • By flight

From my point of view, it is correct to go by flight. Because it saves a lot of your time. And since you have to go from one island to another by reaching there, you also get the pleasure of going on the ship.

We went to Port Blair by flight from Kolkata. To and fro Rs. 10,000 per person was engaged. You can also get a flight or cruise to here from Chennai.

What is The Language Spoken in Andaman and Nicobar?

Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, English.

If you know Hindi then there will be no problem. However, many people from West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are inhabited here, so if you know Bengali or Tamil you will feel like home.

Where To Stay in Andaman and Nicobar?

To roam the Andaman & Nicobar Islands properly, you need about 7-8 days. So you have to take a base hotel in Port Blair. From here you will go to roam the rest of the island.

Yes, you may have to make a night stay. Like we did a night stay in Havelock Island.

Famous Tourist Spots in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

We had covered these places-

  • Cellular Jail
  • Cellular Jail – light and sound show (this is even happening)
  • Nile Island
  • Havelock island
  • Radhanagar Beach (Had a lot of fun bathing here.)
  • Rouse Island (The trees here will keep you looking)
  • North Bay – (best for Scuba Diving and this is where you can shop for local things, and salmon was cheaper than here)
  • Baratang, Lime Stone Cave (Enjoyed going here with speed boat. Charge Rs. 700 per person)
  • Jarwa Tribal Area
  • Black Stone
  • Vadloor Beach
  • Elephant Beach (we went trekking here)
  • Saw-mill (another very good spot. Here you can do some shopping for woodwork)

What To Do in Water Sports & Activities?

Scuba Diving- If we are given one thing to do in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, it will be the same… .Don’t miss it if you are eligible, and do make sure you’re underwater video, no extra charge for this.

During scuba diving, a guide is always with you and also gives you training before conducting. So do not be afraid in advance, most people do it.

Eligible ??? meaning

Not everyone is allowed to go scuba diving. If you have some of these then you cannot do scuba diving –

  • Asthma
  • Earhole
  • Heart disease
  • Blood pressure problem
  • Sugar
  • And much more that you are told before diving.
  • Small children are also forbidden. I think people above 10 years can do it.

How much will be charged – 3000 per person in May, if the rate changes in peak times, do not know?

What if I’m Not Fit To Go Scuba Diving?

Even then, you can do snorkeling (Rs. 1000 per person). This is done just below something from the sea surface and it is also very fun. But if you are doing scuba then do not do it and if you are not doing it then you will not leave it, no health conditions matter for this.

Apart from this, you can also do this –

  • Banana Ride (Rs. 800 per person)
  • Jet Ski (Rs. 800 per person)
  • Glass Boat (Rs. 700 per person) – Only those who are unable to do scuba or snorkeling
  • There are more sports

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