What is Ram Rajya? Learn from Goswami Tulsidas

Ram Rajya! We all have heard this word many times. But perhaps none of us would have tried to find out what the meaning of Rama Rajya is.

Ram Rajya I spent 7 months reading Ramcharitmanas composed by Goswami Tulsidas. After reading this original work, I came to know about many facts. Millions of interpretations, reviews and elaborate works also do not give me the satisfaction that I have received after spending some time reading this original work.

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The interpretation of Ram Rajya fascinated me the most while reading Ramcharitmanas. Whenever leaders give examples of good governance, they often refer to Ram Rajya. By my estimation I can undoubtedly infer that most of us readers must have read the topic of Ram Rajya.

What is Ram Rajya?

According to the epic Ramayana, Sri Rama established the kingdom of Rama when he slayed Ravana in Lanka and returned to Ayodhya. The King of Ayodhya, Shri Rama creates a state where the whole people are happy and happy. In today’s time, we find the interpretation of Ram Rajya very imaginary. This fantasy is still alive after thousands of years, it can mean that such a state of Rama existed at some time, even if it has not lived for a long time.

Explanation of Rama Rajya. Answer of Ramcharitmanas i.e. 4th. In the scandal. Sri Rama sent the friends of Lanka, Kishkindha and Prayag who came with him after Ravana’s slaughter and Lanka victory back to their respective places. After this incident there is a north scandal. Various dimensions of the kingdom of Rama have been mentioned in detail in this case by the use of two arms and four-footed. This description is so captivating that it inspired me intensely to write this version.

I hope that 21st My readers of the century will read this article and, inspired by it, will create their own Ram Rajya.

Components of Ram Rajya

In this couplet, Tulsidas ji is presenting the essence of Ram Rajya:

Barnashram nij nij dharam nirat bed path people
Let there be no happiness, no fear, no disease

When each person lives his life according to the religion of his varna and ashram or when every person according to different stages of life performs his inherent work in the same way as defined in the Vedas, when there is no fear of any kind, There should be no sorrow and no disease – that is the kingdom of Rama.

How beautifully the essence of the best life of Rama kingdom is presented here. How easy it seems to liven up this fantasy by reading it. Do the work that is vested in you with authenticity to the best of your ability. Imagine, when we all do all the work that is inherent to us, then 6% of the world’s problems will be solved in a pinch.

After this couplet, Tulsidas tells us in detail about the kingdom of Rama.

Subjects and their behavior

Tulsidasji says that no one suffers any kind of pain at the physical, mental and spiritual level in the kingdom of Rama.

By performing the duties mentioned in the scriptures, every person has a sense of harmony and love with others. In today’s environment, we can call it living by morality, following the law.

All four parts of religion – truth, purity, compassion and charity are fulfilled and no person should sin in a dream. All should do devotion to Rama and get salvation right from the cycle of birth and death. It is possible that here Rama should not be related to the king of Ayodhya, but he should be Nirgun Rama as told by Kabir.

Let no one die prematurely. Every human should have a disease-free beautiful body. No one should be impoverished, sad or miserable. Let no fool be auspicious.

No one should be despised. Every human should be religious and busy in performing his religion. All women and men should be intelligent and talented. All should be well educated and knowledgeable and respect the knowledge of others. Every person should be grateful and do not indulge in any kind of deceit.

Every person should be grateful, kind and helpful and respect the knowledgeable. A man should marry only a woman and a woman should be completely devoted to her husband with her body, mind and soul.

Altered meaning

In the kingdom of Rama the punishment rests only in the hands of the yogis on whom the ascetic yogis rest their hands. Caste distinction, this word is only found in the dictionary of dancers, which they use to distinguish different rhythms, rhythms, vowels etc. Jeet, this is the term used to win the mind because there is no enemy left to win in the kingdom of Rama.

Ayodhya Environment

All forests are loaded with flowers and fruits. In the forest, lions and elephants live together. Animals and birds are ignorant of mutual enmity, live in harmony and affection among themselves.

Birds chirp and different animals live fearlessly and live happily. A gentle, cool and fragrant air flows around and the hum of the eyebrows is heard collecting honey from the flower.

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Vines and trees provide honey and cows give milk as they ask. The field barns are always full of grain. Even in the Treta Yuga, there seems to be a golden age. Although the Satyuga was prior to the Treta Yuga of Rama. Everything was the best in the golden age. Mountains and mountains are precious mine. All rivers are cold, clean and full of sweet water which is a source of pleasure.

The seas live within their limits and bring precious gems from their laps to the beaches and leave. All the ponds and puddles are filled with lotus flowers, which are spreading happiness in ten directions. The moon disperses its cold rays on the earth, the sun shines as required and the clouds rain as much as necessary.


Shri Rama himself conducts one million Yajna and donates to Brahmins. Despite having skilled servants, Goddess Sita takes care of her home herself, which includes serving mothers-in-law. All brothers are always attentive to any need. Shri Rama teaches him various diplomacy in Rajkaushal.

Grandeur of Ayodhya

The people of Ayodhya are satisfied and happy. The walls of all havelis are studded with precious gems. There are colorful bangles on the city reefs. The splendid Ayodhya seems to compete directly with Indra’s Amravati. The gleaming urns at the top of the buildings compete with the blazing sun and the bright moon. The doors of the havelis are illuminated by the lighted lamps on which precious stones are studded. Coral fringes, pearl reefs and golden reefs studded with emeralds. The corridors are built by Rhinestone.

There are chitrashala on the reefs of each house on which the character of Rama is depicted. They are so adorable that even sanyasis are charmed.

Every person’s garden is filled with flowers and continuously flowering trees as if it is always spring. The hum of whirlpools echoes around the gentle breeze. The young boys also play with the birds running with the birds.

Peacocks, geese, cranes, pigeons etc. sit on top of the buildings and dance while watching their own shadow.

Little boys and girls talk to parrots and mynas and discuss about Shri Ram. The city has attractive entrances, paths, crossroads and hot markets. Markets are filled with many items of value. Textile traders, goldsmiths and traders in the market are sitting like Kubera, the god of wealth.

Saryu and its banks

In the north, the river Saryu flows, whose water is extremely pure. There are clean beaches along the banks of Saryu, on which there is not only mud and dirt. At some distance, horses and elephants come to drink the soft water of the river.

There are many temples along the banks of Saryu and there are gardens around them. Some sannyasis live near the banks of the river, who have grown many basil plants along the river.

The city of Ayodhya is beautified by forests, orchards, steps and ponds and seems to be very beautiful even from a distance. There are attractive carved steps to reach the water within the pool. The watersheds of the ponds and ponds are covered with lotus flower sheets. Birds seem to invite us with their sweet chirping.

Ram Rajya – Conclusion

What is Ram Rajya Ram Rajya is the absolute definition of a region where all activities are in harmony with each other. The experience of the way Rama Rajya is defined thrills us. First of all human behavior should be best, then environment and then the glory of a state or city.

I am curious to know what your thoughts are about this. Please share your thoughts with us in the following comment section.

Translation: Madhumita Tamhane

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