What are 10 places in Pattaya where night life takes place

What are 10 places in Pattaya where night life takes place

If you club ( clubs ), Discotheque ( discotheques ), times ( bars ), Parties and noise – they like the wine, then this place is definitely for you. Or just say that this place is made for you only. Yes, we are talking about a city in Thailand, Pattaya ( Pattaya ) Of. Whose color has faded in front of everyone. Because strapped ( Pattaya ) The flare-up will make you completely drunk. Pattaya City ( Pattaya City ) Neither ever weary nor ever sleeps. And this is the reason why the night life here ( Night Life ) It is such that you will not be in control of yourself for some time. You will be left here. You will all forget who you are, only what is on your mind Pattaya Of Night Life Will remain inxicated So let us tell you about 10 places where you can create a never forgetting moment in your life.

Alcazar Cabaret Show: Tell someone that you are going to Thailand, then they will definitely ask you whether you are going to the Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya. Because this place is the most important for those being cramped. Here, ladyboys wear a colorful cabaret dance. Sitting takes you to another world. Alkajar is a world famous transvestite show. The Cabaret Theater can seat 1,200 people simultaneously. Alcazar Cabaret SHOW It is 5 pm to 6:30 pm and 8 pm to 9:30 pm. this SHOW To see you 500 to 600 Thai Baht May have to be paid.

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Pattaya Walking Street: This walking street of Pattaya is one kilometer long. Where the movement of vehicles stops from 6 o’clock in the evening. This place will make you visit the colorful world in a few moments. Many from a line here Decorate There are bars, where you can have beer and wine. The music playing here will make you swing. You will get such rum in this special atmosphere that you will not even know where you are. Pattaya Walking Street You can also call yourself a party.

Horizon Rooftop Bar, Hilton: If you want to spend countless moments with your partner then feel free to come here. Located on the 34th floor Horizon Rooftop Bar Will give you a chance to live a different moment. This place is one of the tallest buildings in Pattaya. Dim neon blue light And big sofa Bar Let’s beautify the atmosphere of the beauty of the moon. However this is the most expensive bar in Pattaya. You can come here anytime between 5 pm to 1 pm. Over here Cocktails range between THB 300  से THB 1500 Is around

Thepprasit Night Market: These markets are the busiest of Pattaya Night Market Is one of Here you have clothes Accessories, Electronics items, Home decor And you will get many such things that you will not even think about. However, this market is not just for shopping, but you will also get Thai music in addition to pop music and street performers here. these Night Market Friday to Sunday It starts from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Hard Rock Cafe: Famous all over the world HARD ROCK CAFE The franchisee is also in Pattaya. Which is very famous here. There is a huge guitar outside the cafe and a magnificent decoration around it ( decoration ) Already done. When you stand on the street HARD ROCK CAFE If we look at it, then the party will be seen moving all the time. The most exciting here Foam X Party Is held every Saturday. In this party Pool volleyball, barbeque And music This is really for amateurs Full package it happens. these Cafe 12 noon to 1 pm open lives.

Beach Road Soi 7: If you have one in Pattaya Local experience Looking for night life for you Beach Road Soi 7 from all Best Is one of the places. Being cheaper budget travelers Is the most suitable place for Here you open-air neon pink bars Apart from Luxor bar And Pandora bar Which is a popular bar here Cheap Rate In Local Beer Will get it.

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Go-Go Bars: Thai version of Pattaya in strip club Go-Go Bars , Which is the best entertainment center for the tourists visiting here. Tourists can enjoy pole dance here. What’s Up Go-Go and Airport Club are the two most famous go-bars in Pattaya. Both these times Pattaya Walking SrBook Is in In Bars You can go from 8 pm to 2 pm.

Muay Thai Match: If you want to watch real life action, then this place can be one of the best destination for you. Here two people fight in the same way as hero and villain fight in Indian films. Although it already scripted it happens. The time of this championship is from 6 pm to 12 pm. For which you have to pay 500 to 1500 THB.

Jomtien Beach: If you like the party scene in the street Jomtien Beach Is not for you With a small group of open bars and restaurants, this beach is perfect for families and friends who like a cool atmosphere. Who just want to sit, chat, eat and drink while enjoying the fresh air of the sea.

Alangkarn Pattaya Show: It is the largest cultural theater in Pattaya, where tourists get a chance to get to know Thailand’s history and culture up close. this Show The artist puts the history of Thailand in front of tourists by wearing a gleaming costume, performing music, dancing and acrobatics. these Show Two hours are from 6 pm to 8 pm. And this can be a good option to make the evening great.

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