Walk in Gandhi’s Footsteps

6 Ways To Retrace Gandhi’s Footsteps

Mahatma Gandhi is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time. Gandhi had a key role in the Indian struggle for independence and led India to its Independence in 1947 from the British. Following his years in South Africa and his return to India in 1915, Gandhi devoted his life to the doctrine of ahimsa (non-violence), simplicity of living, protesting the treatment of those who belonged to Harijans caste (the untouchables) and leading India to freedom against British colonial rule. A trip to India would not be complete without visiting one site or memorial associated with Gandhi, “the Father of the nation”. So here are some of our tips to walk in Gandhi’s footsteps:


Where Gandhi stayed during his many visits to New Delhi and where he was assassinated

About: The house known as Birla Bhavan was where Gandhi used to stay during his many visits to Delhi. In 1948 during one of these visits in Delhi Gandhi was shot here by a Hindu fanatic

What to see: There is a museum, a small pillar in the back garden where Gandhi was shot, concrete footprints mark the last walk Gandhi took from the house to the garden

Location: Tees January Road in New Delhi close to Gandhi Samadhi at Raj Ghat where Gandhi was cremated


Learn about the life and principles of Gandhi

About: The museum’s artifacts for many years were moved around different locations, it was finally moved to its current location in 1959

What to see: The museum houses a fine collection of Gandhi related books, documents, photos, art pieces, and many other memorabilia. You can see some interesting items such as Gandhi’s walking sticks, his shawl, and dhoti that he was wearing when he was assassinated

Location: Raj Ghat, Minto Road, New Delhi


Gandhi’s headquarters during India’s struggle for Independence

About: One of Gandhi’s homes where he spent around 12 years of his life. It was from here that Gandhi set out on his famous Salt March which he swore he would not return to until India was free

What to see: The ashram itself, Gandhi’s living quarters, a picture gallery of the major events of his life, Gandhi quotations, letters and other relics exhibition, a bookshop and inside the library is the letter that Gandhi sent to Hitler in 1939

Location: About 5km from the center of Ahmedabad on the west bank of the Sabarmati River


Where Gandhi resided during his trips to Mumbai

About: This simple 2 story building was where Gandhi stayed when in Mumbai. It has now been turned into a museum, library and research center in Gandhi’s name and his struggles for Indian freedom

What to see: The pictures on the staircase and the large photo gallery on the first floor that play out Gandhi’s life until his assassination. On the second floor is the room that Gandhi stayed during his visits to Mumbai. Inside the room, you see the preserved spinning wheels, bed and book. There is also the famous terrace where Gandhi was arrested in 1932

Location: 19, Laburnum Road, Gamdevi precinct downtown Mumbai


A simple memorial to Gandhi and his life

About: This historic and beautiful building that was originally erected to assist the poor people of Pune served as a prison for Gandhi for almost 2 years in 1942.

What to see: A Gandhi memorial where his ashes were kept, a picture gallery and museum on Gandhi and the dining table which Gandhi ate from

Location: Aghakhan Palace, Nagar road, beyond Fitzgerald Bridge


Where Gandhi made salt

About: The salt march led by Gandhi marks one of his most successful acts of defiance against the British government following the high taxation on salt. In the early 1930s, he led a march of thousands of followers from his ashram in Ahmedabad to Dandi on the coast of Gujarat. It was here that Gandhi evaporated the seawater to make salt.

What to see: It would be challenging but you could re-enact part of the walk. This was done in 2005 when the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation organized a symbolic walk of the first few kilometers of the walk to Dandi to commemorate the 75th anniversary

Location: Dandi, Gujarat

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