Tosh Village Tour Blog – Jasmeet left Delhi and opens a hotel here

Tosh Village Tour Blog - Jasmeet left Delhi and opens a hotel here

Tosh Village Tour Blog – It was a little more than 8 pm. We were standing at the mouth of Tosh village. We were going inside the village by paying the fare to the taxi driver. The Israeli man was also with us. He told us that his hotel had a spectacular view of the mountains. We went with him to his hotel. There some people were sitting outside gathering and were enjoying their fun. We went inside with him and did a short interview with him there. In this interview, he told us about the reason for his stay in Parvati Valley for three years. He told which other Israelis want to come there. After this short meeting, we planned to stay at the same hotel. We inquired about the room from the owner but all the rooms were booked. Hearing this, we said goodbye to the Israeli man and proceeded in search of the room.

Luckily, there was another hotel behind this hotel and we got a room there for an amount of Rs 500. The room was fine. At that time the front view was not known, only a place to spend the night was looking for. Our search was over by reaching here. We set things up in the room. Freshened up and then went on a tour of Tosh’s village. In the night, our night walk was going through the placards placed on the drains, rough roads. Even after turning on two or two flash lights, nothing was visible. The village was lit from afar, but upon reaching there, it was seen immersed in darkness. We wandered around and reached a place where there used to be a perimeter of Tosh village. This was the old Tosh village but now it has spread far and wide. The old style houses are still built here. And yes, here is the temple of the same sage Jamadagni whose temple we saw in Malana village. Yes, here too the same rules related to the temple are applicable regarding outsiders as were in Malana, that is, outsiders cannot touch the temple and if they do so, they will have to pay a fine.

However, we stayed here. There was an open space in the middle where children were playing. Hands were being baked in front of the bonfire and there people were worshiping at a place on the right side of the temple. Now because we were hungry, we were looking for a good restaurant. Know that people said that there is Jasmeet Dhaba, you can have food there. After asking, we proceeded in the given direction. The board of Jasmeet Dhaba was installed outside but the restaurant was going inside. I felt very relaxed when I sat down. Sanju ordered egg curry there and I made dal roti. We had also ordered rice. After about 20 minutes the food started coming. What a wonderful plate it was guys. The lentils were amazing. The egg curry was also superb as Sanju told. After eating and drinking, we promised Uncle to come again for breakfast the next morning and went back to our hotel.

Here one more thing which I forgot, that Jasmeet Bhai Saheb used to be a resident of Delhi once. When he got the inheritance of wife’s maternal home, he came and settled here. Leaving Delhi forever. are at ease, are happy. When I asked how the children study, they told that both of them live in Kullu and study there. This is a problem on the mountains. Stay to live but education and health, both these systems torment you even today. And if, like Jasmeet ji, you also do any business, do not ask that the papads that have to be made even to bring a box of matches. The government has left no stone unturned to make the road even worse. Amazing, why do these governments exist? This question started coming in my mind.

Now we proceed to the hotel. While coming, we had come after roaming, but while leaving, a new way was found, through the temple of Jamadagni Rishi, it used to go directly to our hotel, reached the hotel from Lapp. Corrected things there, Sanju immediately went into a sleep circle, I transferred all the data and charged the phone, camera battery, then slept.

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