Tosh Village Journey – How we reached in this beautiful village

Tosh Village Journey - How we reached in this beautiful village

Tosh Village Journey – Reaching Malana was more painful than it was while returning from there. Even while returning, the path would have gone uphill and downhill. We were on this journey with three new friends. While talking, we also came to the starting point of the trek to Malana. Here we clicked a picture amongst ourselves. Here they all went towards the other way and we were on the other side. It’s a great pleasure on a trip when you meet people like you.

Now the first challenge was where to have lunch. Well the challenges were many. Like reaching Kasaul on time and from there reaching Tosh Village Journey in time. The first stop in this challenge was to have lunch. Laxman, whom we had met in Kasaul and who had brought us here, took us to a restaurant opposite. He had conversations with everyone. They were talking in the local language only.

In the restaurant, we ate fried rice, drink cold drinks. Laxman ji also got some deduction from the bill that came. From here we went towards Kasaul. Friends, let me tell you one more thing that the moments on the way or the places you want to take off in the camera after seeing them, take them off while leaving. I had thought of many places that I would definitely stay here on my return. There was also a tunnel-like place out of it, but due to exhaustion and latency in the return, this does not happen.

Travel from Malana to Kasaul | Malana to Kasaul Journey

The journey back from Malana to Kasaul was completed instantly. We had heard in Malana village that checking is done in return. The people of the police check whether anyone is carrying Malana cream. Although we also knew that this is a complete Nexus. I have given complete information about this through my video.

However, we did not have anything or else the confidence was also there. Below Malana barrage, a policeman looked at us suspiciously. I saw him too. He didn’t make any indication. We did not stop anywhere on the route from Malana to Kasaul. In less than an hour we had reached the same Israeli restaurant of Laxman ji in Kasaul where we had come in the morning.

Israeli food eaten at brunch in Kasaul | Israeli Food in Kasaul

We ordered Israeli dishes in this Israeli restaurant. The name of this Israeli dish was King Falafel. Sanjay was hungry and wanted to try a new dish or an Israeli dish. On the suggestion of Lakshman ji, we ordered King Falafal. You can get information about this dish in the video of our Kasaul travel blog.

In this, an Israeli dish is prepared by mixing different dishes. I really liked this dish. When we were having brunch in Laxman ji’s restaurant, then many types of people also came there who were crazy about cream. They sat there gathering together. For the first time I was surprised to see such openness in any town in India.

Tosh’s journey from Kasaul | Kasaul to Tosh Journey

After this brunch in Kasaul, our next stop was Tosh (Tosh Village Journey). We were just outside when we got a bus to Manikarn. We had reached Manikarn in some money by bus. There was a taxi stand next to where the bus dropped us in Manikarn. This place was towards the bottom of the main road. When we found out the rate of the taxi, ears stood up after hearing Rs 800.

Tosh Village Journey at a short distance and the fare is Rs.800. This too was the limit. Well, no taxi driver has reduced the rate. Everyone remained adamant and kept saying that this is the fixed rate. You won’t get anything less than this. Now they were adamant, so I was adamant too. I told Sanjay that let’s go up the main road, we will get something. Yes, the late evening was definitely adding to our worries.

After coming up from Manikarn, we found a taxi driver on the main road. On request, they agreed for Rs 400. Just then a person came to me. I didn’t like that Indian. He requested to share the cab in English. I told the brother in the car. So it became a matter of Rs 500.

Now we were moving towards Tosh (Tosh Village Journey). I talked to that foreign person inside. Turns out he was an Israeli. Knowing this increased our excitement even more. We wanted to ask him about his presence there. He said that he has been there for many years. He has a hotel in Tosh only. We said that we would like to interview him.

They got ready. But is it that the path of Tosh (Tosh Village Journey) which we were imagining lightly, was going through very difficult roads. Light phulki means to reach there quickly. The road is awfully bad and the climb too. It seemed that what the government is doing here. Very, very sorry guys. The government must build a better road for the life and people of a village which has now become a city. It was hurting a lot.

We were reaching there with great difficulty and the drivers were driving in a challenging manner in the dark of night. There I felt that the rent of Rs 800 was correct. I was unnecessarily in trouble with the drivers. After battling like this for about half an hour, we started seeing Tosh (Tosh Village Journey) in front. Bathed in the light of night, Tosh (Tosh Village Journey) seemed like a world of fairy tales.

Coming at the mouth of Tosh (Tosh Village Journey), the rider brother stopped the car. I told the Israeli man why not give him an extra Rs 200. On sharing it will come around Rs 70. He got ready. I took out of my pocket and paid a total of Rs 700 to the driver. Then we shared the same amount amongst ourselves.

Now I looked back and saw Tosh’s sight in front of me was mesmerizing. Let us move towards Tosh (Tosh Village Journey).

Let’s stop this travel blog of Tosh Village Journey right here. Read the story of our first night spent in Tosh in the next blog…

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