Top 4 Places To Visit in Arunachal Pradesh-Land of The First Sunlight

Things To Do in Arunachal Pradesh

A little bit of the Swiss Alps, a slice of China, and a glimmer of Kashmir-this are Arunachal Pradesh for you. Traveling to this easternmost Indian state is like walking in the clouds.

If you haven’t been to Tibet before, do consider traveling to this fantastic land. Arunachal is located right on the southern edge of that fabled land.

Arunachal Pradesh is called so because the first rays of the morning sun fall on this beautiful land. Look up at the Himalayan slopes in the morning and you will immediately understand what we mean. We bet you will be enchanted by the golden glow of the tallest mountains in the world.

Book your plane tickets to this magical land and make the best decision of your life.

Places To Visit in Arunachal Pradesh

Like others, Arunachal has a fantastic mix of legends, nature, beauty, and religion.

The more important places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are:

Parasuram Kund

Have you heard the amazing story of an ancient warrior who killed all the kings on the earth, singlehandedly?

He was Parasuram and many Hindus think he was an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Parsuram is also related to Buddha, another avatar of Vishnu.

When this warrior was finished with the killing of his enemies, he came to Parasuram Kund and washed his battle ex. Isn’t this an amazing story?

Parasuram Kund

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Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is located just at the base of the mighty Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh.

Book a tour in this wildlife park and come face to face with elephants, bison, and deer. Amazing isn’t it? You get to see these animals even in this easternmost part of India!

Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary

Namdapha National Park

Any national park worth its salt has to have tigers and leopards, isn’t it?

Welcome to the Namdapha National Park that has a good collection of felines like the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, and other wild animals. If you are a naturalist, you might be interested in some of the ancient trees that are found in this jungle.

Namdapha National Park


You can describe the beauty of Jairampur in just two words- picture perfect.

It is amazing how the folks of this Arunachal Pradesh village have managed to keep this place squeaky clean. The rivers are sapphire blue, and the hills look stunningly beautiful. We would suggest you spend at least a day in Jairampur and recharge your batteries.


Jairampur is easily one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

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Things To Do in Arunachal Pradesh

With so many amazing places in Arunachal, what are the top activities that you can do there?


Arunachal Pradesh is an important center for Buddhists and you will find many temples and pagodas in this state.

If you are new to Buddhism and want to know more about it, we would suggest you join a meditation class in the Golden Pagoda. Reaching this temple is quite easy; it is located on National Highway no. 52 in Itanagar.


Go Red Panda Spotting

Who said Red Pandas are found only in Tibet and China? The Namdapha National Park is known for these animals but finding them is a challenge.

Go Red Panda Spotting

Book a tour of this national park and try finding these extremely shy animals in the forest. Red Panda spotting is one of the best things to do in Arunachal Pradesh.

Be a Part of The Orchestra

No, we aren’t suggesting that you become a band member.

But it would be an experience of a lifetime to attend the Ziro Music Festival at Ziro.

What’s so special about this music fest is that no band gets to play here more than twice. This means every edition of this festival is sparkingly new. Come one, pack your bags and head over to this amazing event.

How Ro Reach

You can fly down to Itanagar, the state capital from Delhi or Mumbai. Else, you can take a bus from Guwahati in Assam. Itanagar is well connected by road to all the parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Best Time To Visit Arunachal Pradesh

Te best time to visit this amazing Indian destination is during summers. The months of April, May, and June are the right time for you to go and explore this place.

To book your tours, and accommodation, click this Government of Arunachal Pradesh link.

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