These 5 trekking spots in Maharashtra are full of adventure

These 5 trekking spots in Maharashtra are full of adventure (5 Best Trekking Places in Maharashtra)

Is it cold or rainy? Trekking enthusiasts find an opportunity to enjoy it in any season. This is the reason why they often look for some new and exciting place for tracking. If you too are fond of adventure-filled trekking and want to enjoy it in Maharashtra itself, then let us tell you 5 famous trekking adventure sites situated amidst the beautiful views of nature.

Best Trekking Places

Rajmachi Fort – Rajmachi Fort, located about 15 km from Lonavala, is one of the famous trekking destinations in India. The natural beauty of this place, which is situated at an altitude of 2,710 feet above sea level, is made by seeing. If you are going for trekking for the first time, then Rajmachi Fort can be a good option, because trekking here will not take you much time and it takes only 40 minutes to reach the top of this fort.

Raigad Fort- Located on the hill in Mahad of Raigad district, this fort is one of the major tourist places in Maharashtra. Raigad Fort is situated at an altitude of 2700 feet above sea level. It was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and declared it his capital in 1674. The fun of trekking doubles here in the winter. However, this fort can be reached easily through trekking and ropeway.

Trekking Places in Maharashtra

Harihar Fort- Harihar Fort is situated at a height of 170 meters on the top of a mountain in Nashik district, 60 km from Kasara. It is also known as Harshgarh Fort. The climb of this fort situated on the hill top is 90 degree straight, which is dangerous as well as exciting. It takes 2 days to cross this dangerous and thrilling path, but it is not a matter of everyone to climb it, because all the time, during the climb, the breath is stuck in the circle.

Kalasubai Shikhar- Kalasubai, located at an altitude of 5,400 feet above sea level on the Sahyadri mountain range in Igatpuri taluka, enjoys a lot of trekking during the rainy season. In this season, green instruments, cool winds, thundering clouds and waterfalls add to its beauty. Tracking here is full of adventure and the time between June and September is considered to be the best for trekking here.

Korigad Fort – Situated at a distance of about 20 km from Lonavala in Pune district, Corigad Fort is quite famous for trekking. Although the top of this fort can be reached through two routes. The temples of Korai Devi, Lord Shiva and Vishnu are situated on its peak. Located at an altitude of 3,050 feet above sea level, the climb of this place is easy as well as exciting. The peculiarity of this place is that here you can go for trekking in any weather.

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