The Freshest Juice of Agra

Char Rang Ka Juice

We have a surprise for you. Agra is not only the Taj Mahal! Can you believe it?

After a long time living in Agra and having the pleasure to have met many tourists who annoyingly were ignoring the essence of the less beaten touristy areas of Agra, I have decided that I must publish a series of posts dedicated only to this amazing city.


This post will be the first one to provide you with unexpected tastes of the city, a different side of Agra. For a long time, many tourists found Agra to be a boring place which provided no interest except of course the Taj Mahal. Agra has become underestimated only because it hosts one of the greatest monuments in the world. In my opinion, the Taj in all its wonder is the magic of the city but also its curse. There are countless hidden spots all over the city that are kept in the shadows due to the Taj and its beauty.


I know from personal experience that many interactions between foreign tourists and the local people in Agra (mainly in the Taj area) can be quite unpleasant and for that reason, many tourists just want to get out of Agra as soon as they have seen the Taj.


I was lucky enough, yes lucky to have studied and lived in Agra so I got an amazing opportunity to explore the city extensively. I have much to share on what to see and do, places to eat and other great treats the city offers.

Ok before we begin, don’t get me wrong it’s not that I do not like the Taj Mahal, on the contrary, I think it is one of the peaks of human creativity and that is something I will never underestimate. The problem I have with it is the symbol that the Taj has become. I don’t like symbols because they tend to cover the smaller things and make you look up instead of down for the great stuff that is just under your feet.


But now let’s get to business. The first place I would recommend you to go to is no less than the well-known and distinguished establishment called “Char Rang Ka juice”. In English, it means “Four Colors Juice”

What could be better than to start the day with a fresh juice, the nectar of gods before hitting the road?


I open my highlights of Agra with this place because for a long time it was the starting and ending point of my tours in Agra. Secondly, after drinking this shake, I wasn’t the same person (hope this reason is convincing enough). Thirdly, in Indian Mythology there is a famous story about the Devas (Gods) and the Rakshas (demons) who fought each other over a liquid (Amrit) which enabled the one who drinks it to live forever. Do you understand my point?


Very few people in Agra do not know this place or have ever heard about it. This is the Taj Mahal of juices. The big cold jars are divided into four different kinds of fruits (Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Strawberries, Melon, Orange, etc.). You choose which juice is poured into your glass and what is created are four accurate layers, four colors, four tastes, four heavens in a hot Agra day! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why this fine establishment is called four colors juice (or four color shakes).


Do not expect to find a fancy shop or a sophisticated fruit boutique because the “Char Rang Ka juice” is a very simple wooden stand with a very old juice extractor located in the middle of Sanjay Place in Agra. But the juices there is no doubt yummy! If the Taj Mahal is known to be Sangmarmar ki Kavita (in English: poem of marble) than there is no doubt that the Char Rang Ka juice is a fruit ki Kavita.

One can achieve this result in making shakes only when you mix fresh fruits with a lot of creativity, love and doing it for years…


First of all, you need to get to Sanjay Place. Any Rickshaw driver will take you there in no time for 80 rupees (Almost from anywhere in Agra).

When you get to Sanjay Place ask anyone where is the “Metro Hotel” (Chilli Intl. rd)

When you get to the “Metro Hotel” just ask: “Where is Char rang Ka Juice?”

You will be only 1 min away. The fruit stand is just at the back of the hotel.

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