Speak Basic Hindi And Get Loved By Indians

Speak Basic Hindi And Get Loved By Indians

Learn to speak basic Hindi before you book your ticket to India. This article will help you learn some common Hindi words and sentences.

Hindi is spoken by billions of Indians

Do you know Hindi is one of the largest speaking languages in the world? Not many Indian travelers know this basic fact. Most of us think that the majority of Indians can speak and understand English. This is not true.

According to a news report, approximately 600 million Indians speak, write or read Hindi. This number is roughly 50% of the total population.

Why Should You Speak Basic Hindi in India?

Speaking basic Hindi can help you in many ways.

One, it brings you closer to Indians who are a very emotional lot. They would welcome you to your homes and families if you spoke to them in their language. I believe, this phenomenon is present in all parts of the world but in India, if you can break the language barrier, then nothing like it.

Secondly, this skill will help you in several situations. If you can understand some common Hindi terms, nobody can cheat you. Once you start speaking basic Hindi, the other guy would become very careful and would think 10 times before cheating you.

Where is Hindi Spoken or Understood?

Hindi is understood all over the country.

However, Hindi is the main or one of the main languages in the following Indian states:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Uttar Pradesh ( Agra/ Varanasi)
  • Madhya Pradesh ( Khajuraho)
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan ( Jaipur/ Jodhpur/ Udaipur)
  • Bihar
  • Himachal Pradesh ( Lansdowne, Dharamsala, etc)
  • Uttarakhand

Though Hindi is not the main language in southern India, still it is understood in big south Indian cities like Chennai, and Kerala.

And yeah, Hindi is quite popular in Goa and other places of tourist interest like Hampi.

How To Speak Common Hindi While Traveling in India?

In this article, you will learn to speak some common Hindi words and sentences. It is easy to pick these terms but don’t try to be a perfect Hindi speaker.

There are some words in Hindi which are also used in English. For e.g, almost all Indians use a bus or a train for traveling. They arrive at a station to board their train. When they fall ill, Indians go to a doctor. Young kids go to schools and colleges and when they have extra time, they watch tv.

Some Common Hindi Terms

  1. Thank you – Dhanyawad
  2. Hello – Hello or Namaste/ Pranam
  3. How are you? – Kaisey Hai?
  4. What is your name? – Appka naam?
  5. I – Main
  6. You – Aap or Tum (Aap- for elder people, Tum- younger people)
  7. He/ She – Woh
  8. Time – Time
  9. What – Kya
  10. Thing – Cheez
  11. Is – Hai
  12. What is this thing? – Yeh kya cheez hai?
  13. Name – Naam
  14. Hotel – Hotel
  15. Ticket – Ticket
  16. Mobile – Mobile
  17. Phone – Phone
  18. Money – Paisa
  19. Morning – Subha
  20. Evening – Shaam
  21. Afternoon – Dopahar
  22. Night – Raat
  23. Temple – Mandir
  24. Road – Sadak
  25. Market – Bazaar
  26. Shop – Dookan

Common Hindi Sentences That You Can Use

  1. Excuse me -Maaf kijiye
  2. What is the time – Abhi kya time hai?
  3. How much does it cost? – Kitney kaa hai?
  4. I am from USA – Main Amreeka sey hoon
  5. Can you help me? -Merii madad karengey?
  6. Where is the station – Station kahan hai?
  7. Where is the toilet? – Toilet kahan hai
  8. I will buy this – Main yeh loonga
  9. Lower the price – Daam kum kijiye
  10. Where is the police station – Police station kahan hai?

Questions number 8 and 9 are very important for you as they will help you bargain your way in the markets?

If you’d like to learn to speak basic Hindi properly then you may consider using apps like Google Translate, Duolingo or Hello Talk.

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