Shimla Full Travel Guide in Hindi and Hill Station full Information

Shimla Full Travel Guide in Hindi and Hill Station full Information

Shimla Full Travel Guide – If a person sits on the list of Hot Tourist Destination of the country, or someone sits on the list of Most Visited Hill Station in India, then Shimla Hill Station will definitely be at the top. Shimla has been a favorite tourist destination for almost 25 years. The British came here in the early 1800s. He liked Shimla Hill Station so much that in 1864 he also declared it as his Summer Capital. The British removed all the hurdles to make the RailRoad at Shimla. The British had left Shimla years ago but this city is still living with the same status. The beauty of this city is still the same as it used to be a century ago and it still attracts the tourist. Yes, first 100 years ago, perhaps a few hundred Indians used to come here in addition to the British, but today millions of people reach Shimla Hill Station every year.

If you are also planning to go to Shimla Hill Station in the near future. So we have brought some of your quick tips (Shimla Full Travel Guide) which will help you in improving your Shimla Travel Plan. However, your Final Travel Plan to Shimla will depend on many other factors, including issues like How you are travelling to Shimla, How many days you have in hand in Shimla, Timing of Your Trip to Shimla, but we will play an important role in deciding The things that Shimla Full Travel Guide is going to tell, along with all these questions, will maintain the status quo about your trip. If you still have any questions after reading the article, then in the comment box, you can feel free to ask us.

The first question that comes to mind as soon as Shimla’s name is, is Shimla Hill Station a place worth visiting? And if the answer is yes, then what exactly can you see there? We will answer the first question absolutely yes and in the answer to the second question we will tell you many places where you can roam during your Shimla Trip. There are many places in Shimla where you can go for a walk during the journey. Shimla not only offers good options to roam nature Lovers, but if you like History or Architecture, then believe it there is a lot to fulfill your desire in this historic city pit. In the past, this city Aad, which had been the capital of the British, also has the charm of the Colonial period. Even today, you will get to see the historical church, institute. Some of them are Christ Church, Shimla and Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

Shimla is open for the tourist throughout the year and it keeps differing colors in every season. From June to September, you will see greenery everywhere, valley of flowers will be seen, while in the months of January and February, the snow cover here as if the entire Shimla is covered.

After all, what is the place that makes Shimla a place of aspirations (Shimla Full Travel Guide) is definitely a fit for the family vacation. From Honeymooners to Adventure Seekers, the city is like a paradise for everyone. It definitely has something for everyone. The beauty of the hills of Shimla attracts many filmmakers and cinematographers. And yes, even tourists do not have trouble in reaching here. This place is well connected by road. Shimla’s market adds to the evening shopping and you don’t even have to go far for it. Every facility of Modern Day is available here, it also includes good hospitals in the circumstances of medical emergency. All cell phone networks work here and you can stay connected with your family and friends during the journey here.

Another major reason for visiting Shimla Hill Station is the presence of very excellent choices for accommodation here. It does not matter what your budget is, according to you, you can find the best option to stay in Shimla. The height of the city is suitable for snowfall here, so if you want to go higher than this, then avoid it completely, it is because you may also have Mountain Sockness. Straight away, consider that this is a perfect family destination as well as the perfect weekend getaway to have fun with friends.

Shimla Full Travel Guide is the perfect time to visit? The answer to this question lies in whether you are planning a winter trip or going there in the summer months and what do you want to do there. In actual fact, the month of March to June is considered perfect for visiting Shimla. This is the time when the temperature here is between 10 ° C to 28 ° C. This is the time when there is neither too much winter nor too much heat, and whether it is daytime or nighttime, both are present at this time. At the same time, if you are planning a Shimla visit in winter and want to see snowfall, then January to February will be the best time for you. However, this is the time when the temperature in Shimla reaches −4 ° C. So during this time keep the sweaters, jackets, warm clothes worn in winter.

At the same time, if you want to see the lush green valleys and see different types of flowers blooming, then the months of July, August and September will be fantastic to visit Shimla. This is the time when the monsoon is either present in the valley or is gone. And with this, many kinds of vegetation start blooming in the valley. If you plan a Shimla visit in this season, then our advice is to protect yourself from the incessant rains and landslides. If the rain does not stop, then you may have to spend holidays in the hotel room.

Shimla (Shimla Full Travel Guide) is a well connected city. You can reach here by road, by rail and by air. Jubbarhatti is some 23 km from here and is the nearest airport. Direct flights from Chandigarh and Delhi to Jubbarhatti will be easily available.

If you want to reach here while having fun, and seeing the beauty of the weather, then the train can be the best way. Yes, we are going to tell you about the famous Toy Train which runs between Kalka and Shimla. You can reach from Delhi or Chandigarh via Kalka train and take a toy train from there. The entire journey takes 7 hours and is on the Narrow Gauge Rail Track. Believe it, it will be one of the never forgetting moments of your life.

If you want to reach Shimla by bus, then bus service is available to Shimla from almost all the cities of North India. The total distance from Chandigarh to Shimla is 117 km, Manali is 260 km from here and Delhi is 343 km from here. If you are coming from Delhi, you can take an all-night luxury bus from the Kashmiri Gate bus base or you can also catch a bus running during the day.

However, traveling by road is also the best way to travel by road. You can reach Shimla by motorcycle or car. By driving from Delhi, you have to reach Ambala via NH1. After crossing Ambala, just before Chandigarh, take the diversion on NH22 towards Right and reach Shimla via Kandaghat. The journey from Delhi to Shimla can be completed in 6-7 hours. And this journey from Chandigarh takes 2-3 hours. However, it also depends on your speed and brake.

Shimla (Travel Guide) is the most visited hill station in the country. You arrive here in any month, accommodation will never be a problem. Here you get hotels of every range. Luxury 4 Star Resort to Rs 500 – Rs 700 / per night also. And yes, as soon as you enter Shimla, agents will follow you. They will keep going with you to get a room. If you want to avoid this mess then it would be better if you book online in advance.

However, whether or not to make advance booking is on your understanding but it is not completely necessary. If you have already decided about a hotel, then you can make a booking. If you are in a budget trip and are not sure about the hotel, then it would be better that you first reach Shimla and then choose the hotel based on your choice and confirm the deal by negotiating on the spot.

In Shimla (Shimla Full Travel Guide) you will find many tourist attractions. You can enjoy your vacation here comfortably throughout the day. Some places will be found in the town itself, while some are a short distance away. One of them is Kufri Hill Station. Below you will find the places where you can visit during Shimla Yatra and yes, remember this is on the top of the list of ‘Shimla Must Visit Place’.

Mall Road – The main shopping street of Shimla is known as ‘The Mall’ or ‘Mall Road’. It is the center of every activity happening in the city and in a way is also the lifeline of the city. Cafes, restaurants, social hangouts, are very popular among the tourists and even more, the local people are very involved in this, it is their favorite place too.

Christ Church – This is the second oldest church in North India. It was built in 1857. This church built on The Ridge is one of the major landmarks of Shimla and offers a magnificent view of neo-Gothic architecture.

Scandal Point – It is considered special because this is the place from where the Maharaja of Patiala drove the daughter of the British Viceroy with him. It is also called India’s first love scandal. This is the reason why the name of this place became Scandal Point.

Jakhu Hill – It is the highest peak in Shimla, situated at a height of 8 thousand feet. It shows you the amazing view of the valley.

Shimla State Museum – This place is filled with many ancient artifacts displaying the cultural wealth of Himachal Pradesh.

Statue of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Hill – This 108 feet high statue is situated at an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level.

Viceregal Lodge – Built in 1888, this lodge was built by the British architect Henry Irwin and became the residence of the British Viceroy of India.

Rothney Castle – Rothney Castle was home to the British civil servant Alan Octavian Hume, who founded Congress in 1885.

We are also telling you things to do in Shimla (Shimla Full Travel Guide), apart from where you can do during your Shimla trip. We are not telling you such places that you can hire a car and go to a nearby place, rather what you can do yourself, these are those things.

Take a Walk on The Ridge

The Ridge is an area in Shimla near Jhaku Hill and Observatory. This is the place where Shimla’s fairs, festivals and functions are held. Tourists come here to see many colonial style buildings. Some of them are – a church; A library and statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

Trek to Jhaku Hill

At a height of 2,455 meters, the peak of Jhaku Hill, Shimla and spread all around, offers a spectacular view of the entire Shivalik range. It is a fun trek of about 30 minutes from the middle of the green forest area to reach the top.

Shop at Mall Road

While you are in Shimla, do not forget to do some shopping on the famous Mall Road and take some souvenirs here for yourself.

Ride the Kalka – Shimla Mountain Railway

Take a ride in the famous toy train of Shimla. It is a journey of 96 kilometers which takes you through 864 bridges and 102 tunnels. Barog is the longest in this. Great views, will support you throughout the journey and it will be very difficult for you to remove your finger from your camera.

Throughout the year, the weather in Shimla is mostly cold. Summers can be somewhat hot, but winters are extremely difficult. During summer, the temperature fluctuates between 10 ° C to 28 ° C. The average temperature during winter is 10 ° C to 0 ° C, but a record minimum temperature of -12.2 ° C has also been recorded.

Clothes to Pack for Shimla Trip

If you go to Shimla in summer, then pack light cotton clothes for the day as the sun remains very strong. However, the temperature may fall slightly in the evening, so keep a light jacket with you.

If you go to Shimla in winter, take woolen, thermal and heavy jackets with you. To keep yourself warm in snowfall, boots, gloves, hats and mufflers are very important.

If you are at risk of motion sickness, do not forget to pack some medicines for this.

If you go in summer, it would be a good idea to carry a good sunblock lotion and sunglasses.


I hope that in this article you will have got answers to all the questions of your Shimla visit. However, if you still have some questions, you can ask us in the comment box. And yes, to join us on the video platform But definitely do visit.

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