Patnitop is located in which state of India? know more about it

Patnitop is located in which state of India? know more about it

If you are looking for peace and peace, then just give your work a break for a few days and leave the bag packed. ( Patnitop ) Hill station. Now the question is arising in your mind that where is this place in India, then let us give you Patnitop Hill Station in this article ( Patnitop Hill station ) Tells about

Where is Patnitop ?: Patnitop is a beautiful hill station located in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. ( Patnitop ). This hill station is located at an altitude of 2024 meters above sea level. This place was originally known as ‘Patan da Talab’, which means ‘Princess’s pond’. According to a saying, the princess used to use this pond every day for bathing. However, after a few years its name changed from ‘Patan Ka Talab’ to Patnitop.

For nature lovers and adventurers, this place is nothing short of paradise. A large number of tourists reach Patnitop every year. There are three fresh water springs in this area. Skiing during the cold season ( Skiing ) And tracking ( tracking ) A large number of tourists visit Patnitop to participate in. Patnitop Golf, Paragliding, Arrow Sports, Horse Riding, Photography Is a great place for

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Do also go here: For your visit here Nag Temple, Buddha Amarnath Temple, Bahu Fort, Kud and Shiva Fort is. Also Patnitop ( Patnitop ) Located at an altitude of 1225 meters near Sudh Mahadev (Sudh Mahadev). At this holy place, on the full moon day of Sawan, pilgrims come to worship the Trishul. It is believed that the trident is related to Lord Shiva.

Tracking : There are several types of tracking ( Tracking ) Options are open to you. Tracking routes remain open in the summer season, while some open in the winter. In ( Tracking ) You can camp at some places in Margo. Sundarani forest, Gali Jasarkote, Sanasar You can choose any exciting track.

Skiing: Patnitop ( Patnitop ) Skiing in ( Skiing ) The event is held in the months of January and February. Madhopat located 6 km from Patnitop on Sanasar Road (madhatop) Skiing in Skiing ) Is a fantastic place.

Aero game : You in Jammu and Sanasar Paragliding can do. Paragliding The best time to visit is May to June and September to October.

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How to reach: – Patnitop ( Patnitop ) Does not have an airport and railway station. However tourists can easily reach here from Jammu. After arriving at Jammu railway station or Jammu airport, tourists can take state transport bus or taxi.

When to go: – By the way you put ( Patnitop ) The years can be filled, but the perfect time to visit is between May to June and September to October.

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