Ooty Honeymoon Tours – Best Place to visit During Honeymoon

Ooty Honeymoon Tours - This is the Best Place for Couples, get information here


Ooty Honeymoon Tours

Ooty is such a beautiful place that is considered to be the favourite Honeymoon destination of couples. It is a major hill station in South India, which is also famous as a honeymoon hot spot. The city is a part of the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri hills around the city of Ooty increase its beauty. These hills are also called Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains).

Some people believe that this place got its name from the Kurunji flowers that flowered in the valleys here once in 12 years. These flowers are blue and when these flowers bloom, they give colour to the valleys in blue. Newlywed couples can spend some beautiful moments with their partners here. Emerald Lake is about 22 kilometres from Ooty. This place is a paradise for nature lovers.

Your honeymoon will become memorable in the beautiful Oasis of Ooty, situated on the Nilgiri Mountains. You can enjoy your honeymoon in a romantic way by coming here. Although there are many beautiful places to visit in Ooty, it cannot be possible to roam all together. So we are telling you, we are going to tell you about some special places.

If you want to enjoy the natural sights of Ooty with your partner by going to Ooty, then there can be no better place than the beautiful hills of Nilgiris. Here, you can see the views of Prakrit from close quarters by riding a toy train. The ride on this train is very fantastic while walking.

Ooty Honeymoon Tours - This is the Best Place for Couples, get information here
Ooty Honeymoon Tours – This is the Best Place for Couples, get information here

Ooty Lake was built in 1824, it is the most popular place of Lake Ooty. Bollywood films have been shot here. Here is the Center of Attraction for tourists who come to roam. If you come to this lake, then enjoy the boat ride here. This moment will be very memorable for you and your partner.

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Botanical garden, Dodabetta garden, Ooty lake, Emerald lake and Flower show are many reasons for which Ooty is famous all over the world. Avalanche, Mukurthi National Park, the quiet and lovely village of Glenmorgan are some of the major tourist destinations of Ooty.

Ooty Lake was built in 1824. Many films have also been shot on this lake, which has become Ooty’s biggest centre of attraction. In the middle of the couples, enjoy the boat ride with your partner in this famous lake. You will always remember this time spent together.

The Botanical Garden of Ooty was built in 1847 by the Governor of Madras. This garden is one of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the country. Couples here can enjoy long walks with folded hands.

Emerald Lake is 22 km from the main city of Ooty which is located inside Silent Valley National Park. This entire area is known for its serene environment and wild flora. This place is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. If couples want to spend time with each other in a quiet place, then definitely go here.

Ooty has been one of the most favourite places of the British during the British Raj. Because of this, many old churches exist here. If you look at any church, the architecture and style will impress you there.

Ooty Honeymoon Tours - This is the Best Place for Couples, get information here
Ooty Honeymoon Tours – This is the Best Place for Couples, get information here

If you got married in May and you choose Ooty for your honeymoon, then definitely watch the flower show there with your partner. Flower show in Ooty is held in the month of May. Because in the month of May, this hill station attracts a lot of tourists.
To increase the importance of this flower show, the organizers also organize some competitions. Many contestants from all over the country take part in these competitions and keep the flowers planted by them for display.

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Coimbatore, the nearest airport to Ooty, is 89 km away. There are regular flights to Mumbai, Calicut, Chennai and Madurai. There are also trains from Chennai and Coimbatore. It can be reached from Madurai, Thiruvananthapuram, Rameswaram, Kochi, Coimbatore by taking a bus-taxi.

If you also want to hang out with your partner in a particular place, then this place can prove to be the perfect destination for you.

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