Newlywed couple road trip across Americas for Honeymoon in school bus

Newlywed couple road trip across Americas for Honeymoon in school bus

When it comes to honeymoon after long preparations for marriage, most couples choose luxury all inclusive stay. Married couple want to live on every honeymoon on honeymoon and for this five star hotels are their first choice. But Miley and Marcos plan their honeymoon in a unique way.

Lifetime Honeymoon! A married couple decided to celebrate their honeymoon in a different way and went on a trip across America. The couple chose a school bus to do so. The married couple prepared the school bus on their own and set out on a blossoming holiday. His holiday pictures will fill you with thrill.

Miley and Marcos are 27 years old and both are from Buenos Aires. The two first met when they were 14 years old and studying in high school. Both were in a relationship for more than 10 years and then in February 2017, both of them got married in California. After marriage, they arranged for a school bus and renovated it completely.

The couple put a bed in the bus, set up the toilet, mini kitchen and solar panels. Mini and Marcos are not new to the driving holiday. In 2015, he traveled to Australia for 2 months. So far, both of them have roamed together in Arizona, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua El Salvador and Costa Rica.

By designing the school bus according to their own, the couple painted the exterior in Turkish blue. Not only this, Miley and Marcos have also installed a fridge in their small room. In this bus, both have also built a roof rack in which they keep their surfboards. Not only this, they have also made cloth rails in which their wet suits hang.

This couple left no stone unturned in decorating the interior as well. Miley and Marcos have put a big map of the world in the interior of the bus. Wherever they have been to this day, they have also put postcards and photographs inside. Earlier in 2015, both were in Australia on working visas. Even then both of them were out on a similar trip.

After working for 7 months, the couple bought a van from their savings and wandered in Australia for the next two months. Subsequently, he sold the van and reached Asia. In Asia, he lived his travel passion for 5 months in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

Miley and Marcos told the insider that we started loving each other because of our nomadic lifestyle. This habit brought us closer to each other, along with our simplicity of living life and daily unserteness, not knowing where to sleep today and where to get up the next day.

Couple told that he loves to go to new places without any schedule and to know him. He is not in any hurry and keeps on meeting new people all over the world.

Although, their Instagram account gives evidence of their marriage, but Kapal also shared that both give a lot of space to each other even in a small bus. When they were asked if they had any advice for couples who wanted to hang out together, Miley and Marcos said that the thing that is most important is that the two first take time for each other.

(All photos- panamericanbus instagram)

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