Navratri Garba In Gujarat – The Most Colourful Night in India

navratri garba gujrat

Navratri is celebrated with great pomp in the whole country, but the Gujarat Navratri is something else. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over Gujarat. Different cities of Gujarat are adorned with puja pandals during the nine days of Navratri. The entire city is filled with the energy of Navratri. In Gujarat, Navratri is celebrated differently in different parts.

History of Garba

While nine forms of Maa Shakti are worshiped in Navratri across the country, the Rang Rangila dance – Garba is associated with this festival in Gujarat. What is this Garba?

Garba is a popular folk dance of the state of Gujarat, in which women dance around a matki and dance and sing praises to Maa Ambe. This Matki is called Garbo, inside which a betel nut and silver coin is kept, which is called Kumbh. A coconut is placed on top of it. This matki is established on the first day of Navratri. This festival starts by lighting a lamp inside it. This lamp is called Deepagarbha. Garba is the symbol of the womb. The womb is the first house of an organism. This festival is for women, this festival is a symbol of femininity. I wish to remain a continuation of this cycle of life.

Sherry Garba of Rajkot

Garba is played at different places throughout Gujarat. Sherry Garba of Rajkot is also worth seeing. In this, Garba is organized in the streets and the neighborhoods. Shari means small in Gujarati. This Garba is organized in a small form in every locality in which people gargle with the worship of Shakti by putting a stage.

Dandiya of Ahmedabad

The preparations for the Navaratri festival at the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad are prepared with a great noise. On a big stage, the festival is started by lighting the lamp by Honorable Chief Minister Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani. After that, artists from all over the state perform folk dances. Gujarat’s handicraft exhibition is also held in this ground. Here people who make folk art put up stalls and distribute their art to the people. The atmosphere here is colored in festive colors.

Ahmedabad is a big city of Gujarat, the markets of this city decorate in Navaratri. Here people are busy in the business throughout the day and in the evening, in colorful Chaniya Choli, women turn to big Garba pandals in place. In these pandals, on the highest stage, local artists sing the songs of Garbe and people dance the Garba in the ground below to the tune of music on the live orchestra. Gujarati women wait for this festival throughout the year. She attends Garba Ground wearing a new garment every day. It is a festival for young people. People in a big city like Ahmedabad now practice by joining the Garba dance class from months ago.

United Way Garba of Vadodara

If the most magnificent Garba is in Gujarat, then that place is Vadodara. The United Way of Vadodara is an example of discipline and community celebration. About 45 thousand people come to Garba ground at a time to do the Garba. The spill of this garland extends to seven seas. Garba has also received many awards. United Way is a non-profit organization that works on health education and sustainability. This organization organizes a huge garbage every year. The capital earned from whose ticket is put into the education and well-being of children. United Way has also found a place in the ranking of Fobes magazine for its work.

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