Mana Village – Last VIllage of India, Know some facts related to Pandavas

Mana Village - Last VIllage of India, Know some facts related to Pandavas

new Delhi. The last village of India, where it goes through the way to heaven, today we will tell you some interesting facts about that village. This village falls in Uttarakhand, which is named Mana Village. The village is bordering India and Tibet. From here, the border of China starts. It is also said that the connection of this village is linked to the Mahabharata period, and it is also said that the Pandavas went to heaven through this path.

The mythical name of this village is Manibhadra. This village is a very beautiful village situated on the banks of river Saraswati. Mana is situated at an altitude of about 10,000 feet above sea level. Mana village is famous for its cultural heritage as well as many other reasons.

This village is located just three kilometers from Badrinath. If we talk about tourism, then this place is no less than a paradise. Every year tourists come here to see the confluence of Saraswati and Alaknanda river.

Places to see in Mana village

Ganesh Cave, Vyas Cave and Bhima Bridge all these places are the center of attraction for tourists visiting here. A Bhima bridge is built over the Saraswati river. Its connotation is that when the Pandavas were going to heaven, they sought a way from the Saraswati river but Saraswati refused to give way. Then Bhima picked up two big stones and made a bridge between the river.

This bridge was constructed in this way. Through this bridge, Bhima went towards heaven. For this, this bridge was named Bhima Bridge. The Pandavas went ahead and till today this bridge exists. Let me tell you that Bhima was famous for his power.

Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra Traveling to Shrikhand Mahadev at an altitude of 1850 feet from Kullu district is no less than an examination

Beautiful vasundhara waterfall also
There is also a beautiful waterfall here. If you go to Mana village then you will definitely know how beautiful it is when you see this waterfall. Apart from this, the major place here is Vyas cave. It is said about the Vyasa cave that it was here that the Ved Vyas composed the Puranas and divided the Vedas into four parts.

Vyasa cave and Ganesh cave being here prove this legend that while writing Mahabharata and Puranas Vyas ji spoke and Ganesha wrote. Vyas cave is bigger than Ganesh cave. As soon as one enters the cave, anyone’s eye falls on a small rock. The meaning of Vedas is written in Prakrit language on this rock.

India’s last tea shop
‘India’s last tea shop’ Yes, it is written on this board. Seeing this, every tourist and pilgrim definitely stops in this shop to drink tea. In this shop, you will also find salty hot tea, Van Tulsi tea, etc., from ordinary tea.

Indo-Tibetan Border Security Force base
Mana also has a base of Indo-Tibetan Border Security Force. Till some time, the youth of this place were not admitted to the security force, but now these people are also being admitted to the Border Security Force. They get ration every month from the cooperative society. All have electricity in their homes and all have been provided with gas connections.

Nilkanth peak
Mana village has a Neelkanth peak which is situated at an altitude of 6597 meters above sea level. This peak is also known as the Queen of Garhwal. Tourists visiting this place can see Badrinath.

Heated pool
The Tapta Kund is one such tank, in which only hot water comes out for twelve months. It is believed that people who take bath even once in the water of the pool, all their skin diseases disappear. There is always a gathering of tourists visiting this pool.

Mana village is perfect for trekking adventure sports, tourists visiting here can enjoy trekking here. There are many routes for trekking such as Mana to Vashudhara, Mana to Mana Pass, Mana to Charanpaduka.

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