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Lahaul-Spiti is the first choice for honeymoon

new Delhi. When it comes to the first joyful and memorable feeling of love after marriage, choose such a journey, where there are rays, beautiful landscapes, snow-capped mountains. In such a way, the mind automatically wakes up for romance. If planning a honeymoon tour, Lahaul-Spiti Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal can be a great destination. The lake, snow-capped peaks and the natural beauty of the place are enchanting. Lahaul and Spiti Lahaul-Spiti are names of different valleys adjacent to each other. Lahaul is lush green, Spiti valley is a snowy desert.

The landscape and Buddhist monasteries at Lahaul-Spiti, such as, Dhankar, Shashur, Guru Ghantal, Khungri monastery at Pin Valley, Tanagyud Gompa of the Shakya sect at Komik, Sherhang Gompa at Lahlung (believed to be older than the Tabo monastery). A monk’s mummy at 550 years old Gyu and Chandra Tal Lake are the major tourist attractions of the region.

One of the most interesting places is the Tabu Math, Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, which is located 45 km from the capital of Spiti region. This monastery emerged prominently in 1996 when it was celebrated as the thousandth year of its existence. It has a collection of Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist statues and thangkas. The ancient Gompa is finished with clay plaster, and contains many scriptures and documents. Lama Dzungpo heads Gompa here. There is a modern guest house with dining room and all facilities are available.

Lahaul-Spiti is the first choice for honeymoon
Lahaul-Spiti is the first choice for honeymoon

Another gompa, the Kardang Monastery, is located at an altitude of 3,500 meters above the river, about 8 km from Keylong. Kardang is well connected by road via the Tandi Bridge, which is about 14 km from Keylong. Built in the 12th century, the monastery houses a large library of Buddhist literature. Containing the main Kangyur and Tangyur texts.

The treacherous weather in Lahaul and Spiti allows tourists to visit only between the months of June and October, when roads and villages are free of snow and high passes (Rothang La and Kunjum La) are open. It is possible to use Spiti from Kinnaur (along with the Sutlej) during the entire year, although the road is temporarily closed by occasional landslides or avalanches.

Best Places to visit in Lahaul and Spiti – This place in Himachal is truly heaven

Spiti is one of the important centers of Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh. It is popularly known as the ‘Land of Lamas’. The valley is dotted by several Buddhist monasteries or Gompas.

Kei Math: Kei Math is one of the main educational centers of Buddhist studies in Spiti. The monastery is home to some 100 bizarre monks who receive education here. It is the oldest and largest monastery of Spiti. It has rare paintings and scriptures of Buddha and other deities. The monastery also has rare ‘thangka’ paintings and ancient musical instruments trumpet, cymbals and drums.

Tabo Math: Situated at an altitude of 3050 meters, the Tabo Monastery is often called the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’. The 10th century Tabo monastery was founded by the great scholar Richen Zangpo. The monastery is inhabited by more than 60 lamas and includes a rare collection of scriptures, pieces of art, wall painting-thunk and stucco.

Lahaul-Spiti is the first choice for honeymoon
Lahaul-Spiti is the first choice for honeymoon

Honeymoon in Manali – This is Newly Wed Couples’ first choice, Best Places to Romance

If your partner If you like to adventure, there are two trails. Spiti Valley is a paradise, offering challenging treks to explore new heights of the Himalayas. The treks take people to the most remote areas, including rugged villages and old Gomo, followed by exotic wildlife trails. Some of the trekking routes in the region include Kaza-Langza-Hikim-Komik-Kaza, Kaza-ki-Kibber-Gete-Kaza, Kaza-Losar-Kunjum La, and Kaza-Tabo-Sumado-Nako. There are also some high-altitude treks where you have to go through – such as Parangala Pass (connecting Ladakh to Spiti Valley), Pin Parvati Pass, Baba Pass, Hamta Pass Trek, Spiti Left Bank Trek to name a few.

Skiing: Skiing is a popular adventure sport in Spiti.

Yak Safari: Yak can be used to see the flora and fauna of the Trans Himalayan Desert.

Lahaul and Spiti district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh comprise two separate districts of Lahaul and Spiti. The current administrative center is Keylong in Lahaul. Before the two districts were merged, Kardang was the capital of Lahaul and Dhankar was the capital of Spiti. The district was formed in 1960, and is the fourth least populous district in India (out of 640).

The district Lahaul and Spiti Lahaul-Spiti can be entered by road from two different places, one of which is via Sumdo (Kinnaur district) for entry into Spiti valley and the other for entry into Lahaul valley Manali. (Kullu district). The nearest airport is Bhutar Airport (Kullu) and the nearby railway stations are Joginder Nagar, Shimla and Chandigarh.

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