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Space Tourism: Going to space, earlier seemed like a dream but now it is going to turn into reality. Two companies, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, can take you through spacewalks.

New Delhi. The dream of going to space is from the elders to the old people. But no one knows how to reach there and how much it might cost. But this world of dreams can also be seen in reality. Two companies are offering short “suborbital” hops of a few minutes. Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

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Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket takes off vertically before coming back to Earth with three parachutes, detaching from the crew capsule and crossing the Karman Line (62 miles, or 100 kilometers, in altitude).

Virgin Galactic uses a giant plane, which takes off from a horizontal runway and then drops the rocket-powered spacecraft. It climbs to more than 50 miles in altitude before gliding back in turn.


In both cases a maximum of 6 passengers are able to unfasten their seat belts to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and to have a view of the Earth from space.

when can you go?

Virgin Galactic has said regular commercial flights are set to begin in 2022 after two more test flights, which already have long waiting lists. So far 600 tickets have been sold. In such a situation, your number is not going to come in this rocket.

But the company estimates it will eventually run 400 flights per year. In the first two flights, one seat will go to the winner of the lucky draw. Its registration is open till 1st September.

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Blue Origin is planning two more flights this year, with the first one as early as September, then more next year.

Picture perfect landing in the West Texas desert! #NSFirstHumanFlight

— Blue Origin (@blueorigin) July 20, 2021

another way to space

Another way to go to space is through reality television. The upcoming show, Space Hero, says it plans to send the winner of a competition to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2023.

How much will it cost?

The first tickets sold by Virgin Galactic were priced between $200,000 and $250,000 but the company has warned that future sales will increase the cost.

Blue Origin hasn’t announced prices. The unnamed winner of the public auction paid $28 million for a seat on the first crewed flight, but later decided to postpone his trip.

Blue Origin video from inside the New Shepard capsule in space:

Jeff Bezos: “Who wants a Skittle?”

— Michael Sheetz (@thesheetztweetz) July 20, 2021

After which that passenger’s seat went to Dutch teenager Oliver Damen. The company’s CEO, Bob Smith, revealed that there were multiple bids worth over $20 million.

What should a body be like to go to space

You are only expected to be in reasonable shape. Virgin Galactic’s training lasts only 5 days.
Blue Origin promises to teach you everything you need to know “a day before launch,” and its first crewed flight includes pioneer aviator Wally Funk, the oldest spacewalker at 82. became a passenger.

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The company’s requirements included being able to climb stairs within 90 seconds (the height of the launch tower) and having a body length and weight between 5’0″ and 110 pounds (152 cm and 50 kg) and between 6’4″ and 223 pounds to be included.

There are no words to describe the feeling. This is space travel. This is a dream turned reality @VirginGalactic #Unity22

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) July 12, 2021

What are the discussions about SpaceX

Elon Musk’s company is also getting in on the space tourism game, but its plans include trips that are too long.

US billionaire Jared Isaacman has chartered a mission called Inspiration 4 to take him and three other passengers into orbit around Earth in September on the SpaceX Crew Dragon, which was launched into space by a Falcon 9 rocket.

Then in January 2022, three businessmen will travel to the ISS with an experienced astronaut. The mission, named Ax-1, is being organized by the company Axiom Space, which has signed up for three other future flights with SpaceX.

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk
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Richard Branson Virgin Orbit
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