Kheerganga Trek – A Complete Travel Guide for travellers

Kheerganga Trek – A Complete Travel Guide for travellers

Kheerganga Trek – A place before Manali in Himachal Pradesh is Parvati valley. Here is the Karvati Parvati valley and the villages which are completely different from the common villages of India. Kheerganga Trek is located in Parvati valley. This is one such track in the tracks of Ghazab present in India, which is a great fantasy among travelers. In the journey to Kheerganga, you explore Parvati valley and know many hidden secrets of it. The scenes of this trek are amazing, it shows you the depth of the area. Along with this, Kheerganga Trek also gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful and unique culture of Parvati valley. Kheer Ganga is 26 kilometers from Kullu and ten kilometers from Pulga. In this article, we will give you complete information about Kheerganga Trek and if you are going to Kheerganga Trek for the next journey, then reading the same article will give you complete information.

If you are a beginner tracker or a backpacker who wants to go deep inside the Himalayan regions of Himachal Pradesh and see this world, then Kheerganga is perfect for you. Select it for the upcoming trip. In the Parvati valley journey, the Kheerganga Trek is most preferred.

It is a sacred place for both Hindus and Sikhs, the history of Kheerganga is very detailed. Before you go here, let us know the special things here. For Sikhs, this place holds a great importance as a story related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva and mother Parvati (Parvati valley), chose Kheerganga for meditation and prayer. When his parents i.e. Lord Shiva and mother Parvati decided to come to him, then mother Parvati wished to make some food for the son. How could a mother’s wish not be fulfilled now? The hot water here worked for the mother. Legend has it that mother Parvati made kheer for her son Kartikeya with the help of this water. Therefore, today we know Kheerganga Trek by this name and the river flowing here and this entire valley by the name of Maa Parvati. Yes, because of this whole story, the color of the water of the river is also light gray and milky. In Satyuga, Parvati ji asked Purushottam to turn this kheer into a river and then he did the same.

Maximum Elevation 2690 Mts
Best Time to Visit April – October
Difficulty Level Easy
Duration 2 days
Distance Covered 12 km
Budget INR 1,500

The starting point of Kheerganga Trek is Barshaini which is easily connected to Kasaul.

By Air

The nearest airport to Kasol is Kullu-Manali Airport which is in Bhuntar. Flights to Bhuntar are very few and at times it depends on the weather whether the flights are going on or not. Taxis and buses are also available for further travel from the airport. Apart from this, the nearest airport is from Mohali. Mohali Airport is 300 km from here.

By Train

The nearest railway station from here is Joginder Nagar railway station. You can reach Kasaul in 4 hours by cab from Joginder Nagar railway station.

By Road

Of course, this is the best way to go to Parvati Valley. The entire driving time from Delhi to Kasaul is 12 hours. This journey is of 565 km. In this journey, you can drive by taking stops.

The road from Delhi to Kasaul is in better condition and that is why Parvati Valley is very famous. Especially as the presence of foreign tourists. The view here is spectacular and it makes up for the long journey from Delhi.

By Bus

Several buses leave for Manali and Bhuntar from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi. From here you get many government buses. Apart from this, you also get the buses of Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation from Himachal Bhavan in Mandi House. These buses take you to Bhuntar in one night. Volvo / Mercedes bus fare is around 1500 rupees. However, in Volvo itself, you also get options of 900, 1100 rupees. This journey takes you 8 hours from Chandigarh. From Bhuntar you have to take a bus going to Manikarna and get off the console.


Taxis are available at all important stations (airport, railway, bus stop) – cabs for booking as well as cabs for sharing are also available.

The track from Barshaini to Kheerganga is 13 kilometers and it can be completed in 4-6 hours. However, it also depends on your fitness level.

Day 0 – Reach Kasol

Reach Kasaul from your transportation mode and enjoy the hippie scene in the village. This cute place attracts millions of tourists every year in Himachal. The charm that you have in this village, you will not find anywhere else.

Day 1 – Reach Barshaini and Start your Kheerganga Trek

Get out early in the morning, make sure your arrangements are confirmed. By the way, 6 o’clock is the best time, but cab / bus cannot be found many times in the morning.

You have three routes. You can choose any one of them. We suggest you choose the least congested route

Nakthan Route – This is the most congested route and also delivers you the fastest. By this way you reach Kheerganga in 4 hours. If you love love more than Manzil, then that is perfection in Nakthan. Once you reach Barshaini Bridge, you take a left and proceed to Nakthan Village. You keep watching the Parvati river flowing on the left side. However, this is the most famous route, so here you will also get marking from place to place and hundreds of tourists will be found walking along.

Kalga Route – Instead of turning left, you turn right from Barshaini bridge and go towards Kalga. This path is found later on the main road (Nakthan). On this route, you pass through a dense forest. For the first time, people doing trek are suggested to take the guide.

Tosh Route – Another route which is later found in the Nakthan Route itself. This root is also quite famous. Especially for those who want to spend the night in Tosh village before proceeding. The Tosh River flows from near Tosh village which later merges into the Parvati River near Pulga.

If you go to the Kheerganga track between April and October, then this time is considered to be the best. At this time you see the best weather, greenery and blue sky.

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