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During my first visit to India more than 10 years ago, I remember my arrival at Delhi international airport as a crazy experience. The disorder was unbelievable and I remember thinking to myself if this is the chaos inside the airport, what in the name of God is going on outside??

Today things have changed in India and at the main airport in Delhi. As Delhi’s airport is one of the main entrances into India (along with Mumbai) today it looks like a top official decided to build a worthy airport for this massive city and country.

This short guide of Delhi airport will offer some great tips and practical information to help you navigate your way around when you land.


Full name of Delhi International Airport: New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

Airport code: DEL

The nearest city: New Delhi, about 23km south of the airport

Number of terminals: 3

Internet site: http://www.newdelhiairport.in/traveller.aspx


A free airport shuttle service connects the international flights terminal (Terminal 3) and the domestic terminal (Terminal 1D). Local airlines also run their shuttle services between terminals. More information can be found in various information stands in the terminals.


There are paid internet stations scattered throughout the terminals. The airport also has a Wi-Fi network. To connect you need to insert your mobile number and you will get a username and password to connect to the service where the first twenty minutes are free. In the terminals, there are some food stalls and in the new Terminal 3, you can find the best restaurants, cafes and fast-food joints. terminal 2 you can find a pharmacy. You can leave your luggage in the specific cloakrooms near Terminal 2 and opposite Terminal 1.

In Terminal 1 and 2 there are some lounges to rest and in Terminal 3 there are more relaxing lounges, as well as shower rooms and spa services. The entrance to the departures terminal is allowed only three hours before the flight. If you have some more waiting time, you can do so in a special hall located at the departure international flight floor. In the airport, two medical centers offer medical services 24 hours.

Duty-free shop: Duty-free shops are in the departure and arrivals lounge and also in the transit lounge in Terminal 2. Terminal 2 has a large area of the duty-free shops, including some great designers and unique shops.


Plaza Premium Lounge in Terminal 3 near gate 17 has nap rooms and spa and massage services. Cost: $10 per hour for a single user, 14$ per couple. Eaton Smart is a new four-star hotel located in Terminal 3. Near to the airport along the highway, there are several hotels with a range of standards.


In all the three terminals you can find banks, ATMs and money exchange outlets.


Halls A and B in Terminal 1 operate executive lounges with all the amenities necessary for the business person on the go. The Maharaja Lounge is in the transit area of Terminal 2. Venues for conferences and meetings are in Centaur Hotel, adjacent to Terminal 2 (website: www.centaurhotels.con). In Terminal 3 there are five special lounges for business.


Each terminal contains special rooms, equipped with toys, feeding and diapering areas.


Delhi’s airport is accessible for the disabled. There are reserved parking spaces, elevators, and restrooms for special needs. In each terminal, you can request a wheelchair.


Delhi Metro train arrives at Terminal 3 international flights. The train frequency is every twenty minutes and it operates between 6:00 to 22:00. Note that there were some changes in the service so it is advised to check the Metro internet site beforehand. You can reach the city center by bus from Terminal 2. There are buses also passing through Terminal 1. The bus service is 24 hours and takes about an hour’s drive. Another option is the air-conditioned bus, which must be booked in the arrivals hall in Terminal 2. You can also go to the city with a pre-paid taxi service. Special pre-paid taxi stations are at the airport exit and are organized according to travel destinations. Pay there and present the receipt to the driver. You can also take a regular taxi by a meter, but the pre-paid is more of a safe bet.

So welcome, and don’t forget to enjoy your stay in Delhi!

Looking for some great travel guides to Delhi’s main attractions? Watch this space – coming soon

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