Indian lost Tribe that has unique ritual and different identity

Indian lost Tribe that has unique ritual and different identity

The people of the Indian Tribe Drokpa tribe live in a village along the Indus River in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is a tribe that is still associated with its old traditions. Indian Tribe Drokpa are found in Dahnu, Beema, Garcon, Darchik, Batalik, Sharache and Chulidan areas of Ladakh. You may not believe it, but wives are changed in this tribe. It has been included in their customs from the beginning. Whereas this community is not located in remote jungles or across the seven seas, but in our country of India. This tribe is also known as the Aryans of the Himalayas.

Interchange each other’s wives

People of this tribe change their wives from each other. These people are open minded about sex relations. Despite being away from modernity, this community is progressive in terms of sex. These tribes consider themselves among the last remaining pure Aryans of the world.

Do farming for a living – farming

Most of these people work as farmers to live life. Fruits and vegetables are grown. This keeps the pride of green fields intact. They feel proud by doing so. The people of the Drokpa community also earn good profits by selling their produce.

Prevalence of polygamy

The practice of polygamy is found among the people of the Drokpa tribe. A woman from his community marries several men. Now this practice is gradually ending. Premarital sex is also acceptable in this community. Marriage is not allowed outside the four villages in the Drokpa community. They do this to maintain their racial purity. These people remain confined within their society and avoid the outside world.

A tribal community of India

The Brokpa tribal communities of Jammu and Kashmir were mainly concentrated in several places in the Dras (also inhabited as Dras in Ladas) valley. In addition, this tribal community has been settled in various parts of India. The Drokpa tribal community is considered to be one of the scheduled tribes of the Indian region. The origins of the Drokpa tribal community also have a rich history behind them. According to anthropologists, these tribes are considered to be the offspring of the camp of Chilhas in the Gilgit region. According to Galson, a myth is believed that his community is the ruler of Emperor Alexander’s soldiers. At the same time, the Kalash caste of Pakistan, Malana in Himachal Pradesh and the people of Bada Bhangal region also claim something similar.

Show off in relationships

This clan community believes in Prem’s public appearances. Considering this action as abusive, the administration had banned the exchange of wives and the public love process. Because it was considered rude society behavior. But because of this the Drokpa tribe stopped doing this rule in front of outsiders. Drokpa live an easy and free life. Most of them are farmers.

They consider themselves to be the last pure Aryans of the world

It is believed that among the few communities of pure Arya left, Drokpa is also among them. Different stories are told about how this clan arrived in Ladakh. Some historians believe that Drokpa is related to Alexander’s army. According to them, a group of soldiers from Alexander’s army were returning to Greece after the war with Porus. They lost their way. He reached the village of Dahnu in Ladakh and had gone there on the bus as the only area in the Ladakh valley is fertile. A scholar named Nurbu has also done extensive study on this community. According to him, the people of this clan are completely different from the common people of Ladakh on cultural, social, physical and linguistic basis.

How is the dress, body shape and customs

The color of the people of the Drokpa community is clear. Both men and women have long and beautiful hair. People of this community have nose and pointed lips. Their costumes are decorated with flowers and studded with jewelery. The people of this community dance for several days when spring comes. Gods and Gods are also worshiped along with cow and goat. They also offer sacrifices to please God. Their dress is traditional. He is considered fond of music, jewelry and wine. The men of this tribe wear a waistband and a large woolen dress at the waist. At the same time, talk about women, they wear loose gowns. Although these people had adopted Buddhism, but their customs are very similar to Hinduism.

Singing songs attracts men to orgasm

The people of the Drokpa tribe celebrate the Bono-Na festival every three years. This festival is celebrated for the fertility of crops and women. In the meantime, women attract men for sexual intercourse by singing songs.

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