India Travel Tips For Worried and First-Time Travelers

India Travel Tips For Worried and First-Time Travelers

If you are planning to travel through India for the first time, these India travel tips and hacks will help you a lot. Stick to these so that you remain safe and enjoy your India travel too.

Solo women travelers will, hopefully, bookmark these hacks and share them with their friends and family.

India Travel Tips

1. No PDA Please If you are young and have a spouse or girlfriend with you, avoid showing affection in public. Now don’t get me wrong- I am not saying India is an obsolete country. All that I want to say is that some over-enthusiastic young ones might get excited by your behavior. So, as far as possible, don’t embrace/ hug/ kiss, etc your partner unless you are in your own room.

No PDA in public

2. Don’t Smoke in Public. Apart from being injurious to health, smoking in public is illegal too. You might get booked by the cops if you are found fagging on roads, in airports, malls, parks, and other public places.

Don’t Smoke in Public

While these are some of the more common India travel tips for the new travelers, there are quite a few which are extraordinary. What are they?

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3. Phone Connection– As soon as you land in the country, buy an inexpensive cellphone connection. If you are staying in India for more than a month, then it makes sense to purchase a Jio or a Vodafone connection. Monthly charges would be just $2.5 and in that amount, you can make unlimited calls to anyone in India. If you have a good handset, then you might also be able to surf as long as you like.

Get a Phone Connection

4. Never Argue with a taxi or a rickshaw driver. If you see an argument brewing, simply walk away from it.

5. No drinking in public, remember.

do not drink in public

Some More India Travel Hacks

  • Step out of the cities and explore rural India
  • Pack only your essentials and travel light!
  • Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
  • Be On Your Guard When Exchanging Money
  • Just go and enjoy every moment to the fullest!
  • Learn How to Eat With Your Hands
  • Inspect Bottled Water Before Purchasing
  • Count Your Change Very Carefully
  • Be Careful When Walking on the Sidewalk

So these are all the India travel tips that I could muster folks. If you are planning to travel to this country, reach out to me, I can help you out.

People who want to explore the length and breadth of Delhi will find this travel hack interesting.

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