How do the people of Hunza Valley live 100 years?

How do the people of Hunza Valley live 100 years?

Everyone here wants them to remain young. Never be old. But age changes for everyone. But one such place in Pakistan is Hunza Valley, where women look young even at the age of 80. People here fall less ill. Let us tell you the secret of this valley.

Hunza Valley : Hunza Valley is located in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan which is on the Line of Control of India and Pakistan. The valley is on the Silk Road near Nagar Wadi in the NORTH of Gilgit. There are many small settlements here. The largest settlement near this Hunza Valley is Karimabad. The name Hunza is derived from the river Hunza. The local language of the Hunza Valley is Burushaski. This valley is about 888 km from Delhi, this area is as beautiful as it is healthy.

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Hunza Valley has been included in the list of the most coolest place to visit in International magazine Forbes year 2019.

Many foreign writers have also written BOOKS about the better life of the people of Hunza Valley. One of which is JI Rodal The Healthy Hunzas And another doctor, Joe. Clarke’s The Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas Both these books can tell about the daily routine of the people here. Apart from these, the scientist and author of the Central European country Slovenia, Dr. Ijtok Osten, also conducted research on the water coming from the glacier. They found that the water that the people of Hunja Valley drink contains minerals and antioxidants. Which helps to keep the people of the Hunja tribe healthy.

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Beautiful women of the world !: The women of Hunza Valley have been considered the beautiful women of the world. And it is also claimed that women here can become mothers even at the age of 65. The women here do not get old even at the age of 80. In such a situation, it is difficult to distinguish between mother and daughter, who is mother and who is daughter. Men can also become fathers at the age of 80. People here fall less ill. The reason behind this is the air and air.

How is Lifestyle ?: The lifestyle of the people of Hunza Valley is very simple. People here get up before the sun rises, and fall asleep quickly. The people of this valley believe in walking rather than horse-carriage. They rely more on natural things in eating and drinking. He eats fresh fruits and vegetables. And dry fruits are used in food. Because of which the people of Hunza Valley live on average more than 100 years. Women look young even when they are old.

What do people here eat ?: Now the question arises that if people here are not old then what do they eat and drink? The people of Hunza Valley eat only twice a day, it is not like when they do and eat. Meaning once in the afternoon and the second time at night. People here do not use chemical during farming. Grow vegetables and fruits in a natural way. People here eat the most apricots. Apart from apricots, dry fruits and drinks made of it are kept in its draw. Barley, millet, buckwheat and wheat are their main diet in cereals. These contain some minerals along with fiber and protein that keep the body healthy.

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Nobody gets cancer here !: The people of Hunza Valley do not tell which disease is cancer. That is because people here do not have the disease like cancer. The reasoning behind this is that people here use walnut very much, walnut is an important part of their diet. Vitamin B-17 compound is found in sun-dried walnuts, which is helpful in preventing cancer. Apart from this, people here hardly know the names of diseases like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure.

How are the people here ?: The people of Hunza Valley are very sociable. And live with brotherhood among themselves. Their mutual brotherhood can only be gauged from their way of living. These small houses in the township near Balatit Fort are interlinked and these people have been living together for several hundred years like this. The main occupation of the people living in the Hunza Valley is farming where apples, cherries, apricots, grapes and dry fruits are grown in large numbers.

Hunza’s native pizza: Chapashoro is a local dish of Hunja, which you can also call the native pizza of Hunja. These chapshoro meats are made by stuffing them with flour. Like we make paratha in India. Apart from this, one of the best drinks of Hunja is Shamos which people here have been drinking for many decades. At the same time, there are also tea lovers who drink herbal tea. This tea is also served by Hunja TEA, mint, basil, small cardamom, cinnamon and jaggery are used in this tea.

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