honeymoon in the lap of nature- Travel Junoon

honeymoon in the lap of nature- Travel Junoon

Honeymoon in Haflong- Every married couple wants that the first romantic journey of their life means that their honeymoon is very beautiful and memorable. For their honeymoon, often newly married couples choose places like Goa, Shimla and Mussoorie. But apart from these, if you are planning something special for yourself, then Haflong located in North East in the lap of nature, away from the crowd, is the perfect option for you.

The natural beauty of Haflong will make you crazy. Let me tell you that it is also called Switzerland of North East India. Even though Haflong does not have snow-capped peaks, it is no less than Switzerland in terms of beauty. Located near the Barak Valley, this place is the district headquarters of Uttar Kachar district. Haflong tourism is always vibrant, as people from the nearby cities often come here in summer.

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The city of Haflong is situated amidst winding mountains at an altitude of 512 meters above sea level. The city is cold as well as picturesque. Waterfalls, streams and the lush greenery spread all around will create a picture in your heart, which will not be easily forgotten. Haflong is also known as ‘White Ant Hillock’.

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Haflong Hill– The main attraction of Haflong is the calm atmosphere and the beauty of the green hills. Haflong Hill is ideal for those who come for a honeymoon where they can enjoy a very nice view of the nature and the surrounding valleys.

Haflong LakeIn the middle of these hills, Haflong lake is a vast area of ​​beautiful water where the atmosphere is seen very calm. Since 2015, the state government has implemented a major project to clean and beautify the lake. Here you can spend a good time with your partner.

Maybong – Situated 47 kilometers from Haflong, Mebang is an ancient center of art and culture of Assam. The city was the capital of Dimas Kachari state in the 17th century and is now famous for the Ramchandi temple.

Silchar – The city of Silchar is closest to Haflong, there are many major attractions to see here. If you visit Silchar from Haflong, you will not be able to forget the beautiful sculpture of the Bhaveshwar temple.

Jatinga – Jatinga, located near Haflong peak, is a place famous for “bird suicide”. It is said that birds attracted by the bright lights in the houses fly to this place and somehow get confused that they are unable to fly and have been killed by hunters. This incident only happens on the night of September-October when there is mist and light rain.

Haflong is famous for its intricate cane and bamboo products made by local artisans. Wooden handicraft items are also very popular here. Of these, you can choose some as souvenirs. Here you can also buy unique hand woven garments. If you are a person who wants to enjoy local food then you can buy delicious Bamboo Shoot Pickles here.

The best time to visit Haflong is during the winter months (October to February). Because the temperature is normal at that time, although the weather here is never inconvenient. Many migratory birds also visit this area during winter.

How to reach Haflong, one of the largest cities of Assam, is just 106 km from Silchar. The Silchar-Haflong road is relatively good and takes about two hours to reach Haflong. Flights to Silchar are also available from other parts of the country.

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