Honeymoon in Manali – Best places to visit for newly wed couple

Newly Wed Couples are Manali's first choice for Honeymoon

new Delhi. Honeymoon after marriage! Yes, many people do this post-wedding trend for hobbies, some for fulfilling dreams and some for living fantasy. This is the moment when two strangers come close to each other for the first time, get to know each other and prepare a strong foundation for a long future. A better Honeymoon is believed to be the way to all this and a better Honeymoon Destination is the key to all this. Couples in India are fascinated by similar types of fantasy that they want to live soon after marriage. Manali in Himachal Pradesh is the perfect honeymoon in Manali. Perhaps this is the reason why most couples in India prefer to go to Honeymoon in Manali after marriage. Manali (Honeymoon in Manali) not only fulfills dreams, fantasies, but even if we talk about budget travel, Manali (Honeymoon in Manali) is the best option for honeymoon…

If you talk about Honeymoon in Manali, believe me, you can spend 3 nights and 4 days here comfortably, for 20 thousand rupees. There is a lot to enjoy here along with natural beauty. You can visit the Hidimba temple in Manali Manali. The specialty here is that this temple made of wood and stones is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, the wife of Bhima, one of the pagans of Mahabharata.

Manali is known nationwide for its natural beauty. Manali city is located in Kullu district, this hill station is situated at an altitude of about 6400 feet above sea level. There is a hill station in India where most tourists come to visit. So let us tell you about the top 8 best places to visit in Manali about the most famous tourist places in Manali…

Hidimba Devi Mandir, Manali – This temple is located at a distance of 2 km from Mall Road. The temple was built by Raja Bahadur Singh of Kullu in 1553 and it is said that after the complete construction of this temple, the king had his hands cut by all the artisans. This temple is made in a cave shape in a single stone. Every year on May 14, the birthday of the Goddess is celebrated in this temple, which devotees come from far and wide to see. And the worship in it is known as Gaur Puja. This temple is surrounded by the forests of Sidwar from all sides.

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Located to the right of the Parvati River, Manikarna is famous for its hot spring. It attracts Hindu and Sikh devotees, people come to take a dip in this hot spring, which is believed to have therapeutic properties. According to mythology, a giant serpent (snake) stole the earring of Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati and was thrown outside the grounds here. A huge Gurudwara of Guru Nanak is located in the city, which was built by Sant Baba Narayan Har Ji in 1940. There is also a river near it for men and women to bathe. Raghunath Temple and Naini Devi Temple are also located near it.

Newly Wed Couples are Manali's first choice for Honeymoon
Newly Wed Couples are Manali’s first choice for Honeymoon

Manu Temple in Manali is located 1 km from Mall Road. Located on the banks of river Beas, this tapel is in Old Manali. This temple has the impression of Manu’s first step on earth. Let us tell you that Manu was the first man who was created by Brahma Ji himself, and Manu spent seven cycles of life in this area. He had seven births and seven deaths in this area, and at the same time according to mythology, the Saptarishis also meditated here.

It is a natural water fall that meets the Beas River via the Kullu valley below, this place is the holy site of Kabki Devi Jogini. Also, it is considered to be the place of female power and hence this place is known as Shaktipeeth.

Staying under this water falls, you can enjoy exciting views while looking at the mountains and the plains. There is a temple under this waterfall and another main temple under it, where rituals are conducted.

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Nagar Castle is located at a distance of 21 km from Manali, which was built in 1460 by King Siddha Singh of Kullu. Earlier it used to be Raja’s house but now Himachal Pradesh Tourism is running a hotel here.

Ion (iron) is not used in the construction of this castle. This castle is made entirely of wood and stones. This Castle is situated on the banks of river Beas. A song from a Bollywood film Jab We Met was shot at Issey Castle.

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This snow-covered pass (pass) is situated on the Leh highway and this pass is open only in the months of June to October each year. Its elevation is 3,979 meters above sea level. It offers a beautiful view of the glaciers, the Himalayan peaks and the river. This route is the gateway to Lahaul, Spiti, Pangi and Leh.

Due to the increasing popularity, the Rohtang route is often filled with mountaineer tourists during the tourist season. There are many options for tourists for skiing and sledding at the pass (pass) and capturing beautiful pictures.

Located about 13 km from Manali, this beautiful valley adventure is very famous for sports and skiing. If you visit Manali at Honeymoon, then definitely go to Solang Valley. Located between the Beas River and the Solang Village. It offers a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and glaciers. In summer, one can enjoy paragliding, zorbing (cycle), mountain biking (mountain biking) and horse riding.

One can also enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding during the winter season, especially between January and March. Skiing festival is organized here in winter. Under the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sport conducts intermediate courses of skiing. For those who want a little adventure, here are several trekking routes.

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This National Park was established in 1987 and spread over 675 km square, this National Park is the only park in Himachal Pradesh which is spread in the cold desert. The park is primarily known for the conservation of the extinct wild animal snow leopard. But at the same time you can see a lot of extinct wild animals here. This national park is considered a stronghold of more than 400 flora and plants. And in this national park you can only go with permission.

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