Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar : Celebrate honeymoon in

Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar : Celebrate honeymoon in

Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar: Located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is located in the broad Western Ghats. It is known for its captivating natural beauty as well as huge strawberry farms as well as dense forest cover with many old places of worship and manicures. It can be considered an ideal place in the Indian state of Maharashtra. (Honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar) It is considered an excellent place to celebrate honeymoon.

Couples in Mahabaleshwar like to come in the summer season. Let me tell you that the literal meaning of Mahabaleshwar is – God of Great Power, that is, the great power of God. Mahabaleshwar is also called the land of five rivers. Here five rivers named Veena, Gayatri, Savitri, Koyna and Krishna flow. This city is situated at an altitude of 4,450 feet, 150 sq km. Is spread over an area of. Mahabaleshwar, 220 km from Mumbai. And 180 km from Pune.

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Elephant Head Point is one of the most beautiful places in Mahabaleshwar. From this point, tourists can see the Sahyadri range. Mahabaleshwar is also called the land of five rivers. Here five rivers named Veena, Gayatri, Savitri, Koyna and Krishna flow. Hill Slope You can see the hills of Mahabaleshwar and its shields through this picture. The pleasure of seeing these hills cannot be described in words. Beautiful waterfalls In Mahabaleshwar, you will also find abundance of waterfalls.

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The special thing about the waterfalls here is that you can see these waterfalls here only during the monsoon or rainy season. Herbal Plants The forests of Mahabaleshwar abound in precious medicinal and Ayurvedic plants. Trees and plants thrive well in the pure climate here. Often sick people are advised to visit Mahabaleshwar so that they can get clean air and pure environment.

The view point is more than 30 places in Mahabaleshwar where honeymooners come to celebrate. The valleys, forests, waterfalls and lakes here eliminate all the fatigue of the travelers. It is nice to come here and see the Wilson Point in the evening. Echo point where the sound is heard back when shouting fast.

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Be sure to visit Elphinstone Point, Marjorie Point, Castle Rock, Falkland Point, Carnac Point and Bombay Point in Kapal Mahabaleshwar, the world famous Pratapgarh Fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj, which has become a matter of curiosity for tourists. Elephant Head Point As we have told, this place is among the most beautiful places in Mahabaleshwar. From this point, tourists can see the Sahyadri range. Dhobi waterfall is 3 km from Mahabaleshwar. Is at a distance of. This is a picnic spot. The water of this waterfall is found in the Koyna river.

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Pratapgarh Fort This fort was built in 1856 by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 20 km from the city Shivaji killed Afzal Khan in this fort only in this fort. Situated 1000 meters above sea level, this fort has a temple of Maa Bhavani and Shiva. Dhoom Dam This dam has been built here on the Krishna River from where the state receives a good amount of electricity. Banna Lake This beautiful lake also adds beauty to Mahabaleshwar, so now whenever you visit Mahabaleshwar, definitely visit this lake.

Arthur Seat Arthur Seat was built around 1470 in memory of Arthur Malet. Malet is the person who is considered to be the first person to settle here. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed by sitting here. Horse riding being a captivating tourist spot and famous hill station, if you wish, you can take a horse riding tour here. Cream Corner This view is of Cream Corner, which is a famous garden here. In this garden, you will see many rare species of tree plants.

This place is a great place for photography. Wildlife is full of precious medicinal and Ayurvedic plants in the forests of Mahabaleshwar, so you will get to see many rare animals here.

Also, on your way, you will come across many food joints where you can enjoy some shake, ice cream and local strawberries with your loved one.

By Air
Mahabaleshwar has an airport in the city itself. The nearest airport is at Pune, which is about 120 kilometers away. You can take a taxi or bus to Mahabaleshwar from here.

By Train

Wathar (60 km) is the nearest railway station from Mahabaleshwar, the most accessible and convenient will be in Pune. There are a lot of trains from Mumbai to Pune as well as other major cities of India and you can take a bus or taxi from Pune to Mahabaleshwar.

By Rod/ self drive

If you want to drive from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar then depending on the traffic you will take about 4 to 5 hours. In terms of routes you have two options – one is to go from Panvel via Mahadel and Poladpur; And the other option is to take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the highway from Pune to Satara. While the distance from the highway will be around 40 kilometers, but the ride is much better and you will reach really fast.

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