Goa’s Dona paula beach is best for honeymoon couple

Goa's Paula beach is best for honeymoon couple

Dona paula beach- Dona Paula Beach is also known as Lovers Paradise, which is one of the beautiful beaches of Goa. These beaches are very special for honeymooners. Dona Paula Beach is also known as a token of love. These beaches are located in the northern region of Goa state, just 7 kilometers from Goa’s capital Panaji. Dona Paula Beach offers a beautiful view of the Morgua port. On Dona Paula Beach there is a sculpture of a man and woman, which are the center of attraction among the tourists. If you are looking for solitude or want to spend time alone with your partner away from the crowded place, then Dona Paula Beach of Goa will become very special for you. Actually, this beach is also famous by the name of Lovers Paradise.

Goa's Paula beach is best for honeymoon couple
Goa’s Paula beach is best for honeymoon couple

Dona paula beach was named after the daughter of a Viceroy of Goa, who was named Dona Paula de Menezes. There is a popular story about him that he talked about marrying a local fisherman here. But due to not getting its permission, Dona Paula lost her life by jumping from a cliff here in a love affair. Another story is also heard that the governor here was fascinated by the beauty of Dona Paula. But when his wife came to know about this, he ordered that Dona Paula be roamed all over the beach without clothes and to wear only the pearl garland that the governor had gifted her. However, local fishermen can shed light on this incident. While some people say that Donna’s ghost appears in the moonlight night and some believe that black appears in the dark night.

Dona Paula Beach is surrounded by trees and casuarina trees and its view point attracts tourists from the country and abroad. Whenever you go to the middle view point, reach at least 30 minutes before. Because only 50 people can get a place in it at one time. The view point of Dona Paula Beach is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Maritime activities can also be seen on Dona Paula Beach such as parasailing, skiboob, windsurfing, waterskiing, swimming, sports fishing, kayaking, making the trip to Dona Paula Beach more memorable. At the same time, if you want to shop, then you will find that here too. Here you will see many people selling straw hats, spices and lace handkerchiefs. Apart from the regular wine, feni and port wine will also be available at Dona Paula Beach for you to enjoy. If you want to buy jewelry then in Dona Paula you will find a suitable place to buy jewelry.

Goa's Paula beach is best for honeymoon couple
Goa’s Paula beach is best for honeymoon couple

Apart from Dona Paula Beach, you can also visit some other tourist places here, which are close to your tourist destination Dona Paula Beach. Some famous places such as Salim Ali National Park, Rees Magos Church, Cabo de Ram Fort, National Institute of Oceanography.

The festival of water sports is organized in Dona Paula Beach in November of the year. The main attraction of this festival is water scooter, surfing and bicycle competition. Apart from this, Janmashtami festival is celebrated here with great pomp and show. If you are in Goa during this time, then you can become a part of these activities.

The best time to visit Dona Paula Beach is considered to be between October to March. During this time, the weather is mild and warm and there is also a mild winter.

If you are going to Dona Paula Beach, then for this you will easily reach via flight, train, bus and your personal means. These beaches are near Dabolim Airport. The distance of Dona Paula from the airport is about 26 kilometers. The nearest railway station to visit Dona Paula Beach is Vasco de Gama, which is 28 kilometers from the beach. From the railway station to the beach, you will easily reach here by local means.

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