Goa Full Travel Guide and Beach Information

Goa Full Travel Guide and Beach Information

Cabo de Rama Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of Goa. There is also a small and shallow river in the northern direction of this beach. From Cabo de Rama Beach 28 There are Mergos groves at a distance of and from the middle 2 There are also Cabo de Rama Fort at a distance of kilometers. There are a large number of palm trees here and tourists consider picnics sitting in the shade of trees and also like to spend time with their family.

Why is Cabo de Rama beach special among tourists? ( Cabo de Rama Beach famous for which reason )

Cabo de Rama Beach is a quiet place away from the bustling life of the beach town. In the meantime, you will find the congestion quite low. But whatever tourists come here once, His mind starts to get absorbed in the heart touching peace here and he feels a wonderful peace away from worldliness. There is also a steep cliff behind Cabo de Rama Beach. Like the velvet here, soft sands attract tourists very much., On which the tourists enjoy activities like sunbath. No restaurants or huts will be found around Cabo de Rama Beach.

Calangute Beach in Goa: The real fun of Goa is only on this beach

What can Cabo de Rama do at the beach? ( Activities to do at Cabo de Rama Beach )

You will find a lot to do here. Like swimming in blue water along the beach, Playing on the sand here Can playSand sculpting, You can do things like do the artwork and immerse yourself in the sand. Apart from this, you can also visit nearby tourist spots on Cabo de Rama Beach.

Picnic ( Picnic at Cabo de Rama Beach )

On Cabo de Rama beach you will find a beautiful picnic environment. In the meantime you can enjoy a nice picnic with your family and spend a good time here. Cabo de Rama Beach is the perfect place for your picnic.

Fishing ( Fishing at Cabo de Rama Beach )

You can also experience fishing on Cabo de Rama Beach. You can see small fish coming close to the beach. If you add some grains to them, So she starts hovering near you in the herd.

Attractions around Cabo de Rama Beach ( Cabo de Rama Beach near by tourst attraction )

After visiting the beautiful Cabo de Rama beach of Goa, you can also visit some special places near this beach.. In these Kola Beach, Jungle Adventure, Galji Bagh Beach, Varka Beach, Krishna Ayurvedic Massage Center, Sandal Wood Ayurveda, Dadus Healing Center, Himalaya Therapeutic Studio

Goa’s Aguada Fort, this fort used to quench the thirst of people traveling in the sea

Cabo de Rama Fort (Cabo de Rama fort)

The ancient Cabo de Rama fort is also built at a short distance from Cabo de Rama Beach. This fort tells the story of Portuguese rule. There is also a church of Saint Antonio in the Cabo de Rama Fort. The river flows from near this fort. If you are visiting Cabo de Rama beach in Goa, So do take a tour of this fort. You here in the morning 9:00 Pm to dusk 5:30 Can go for a walk till noon.

Best time to visit Cabo de Rama Beach ( Best time to visit Cabo de Rama Beach )

The best time to visit Cabo de Rama Beach is between October to March.

How to reach Cabo de Rama Beach ( how to reach Cabo de Rama Beach )

To reach Cabo de Rama Beach you have to resort to flight, bus, train. If you chose the route to go to Cabo de Rama Beach, So Dabolim Airport is the nearest. Airport and distance between 54 There are kilometers. You will easily get local transport from the airport to the beach. The nearest railway station to visit Cabo de Rama Beach is Vasco de Gama., It’s almost in the middle 51 There are kilometers.

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