Garud Chatti has changed drastically in past 7 years

Garud Chatti has changed drastically in past 7 years

new Delhi. Garud Chatti was also untouched in the horrific disaster in Kedarnath Tragedy in 2013. Earlier, during the disaster of 2010, its connectivity route was destroyed. As a result, it remained deserted for many years. Now a new foot route has been made from its Rambara to Kedarnath via Lincholi on the other hill. People reach here.

Regarding Garuda Chatti Garuda Chatti, elderly pilgrims believe that Garuda Chatti has special religious significance in Kedarnath Yatra. This place is world famous for spiritualism and meditation. Hundreds of saints have been reaching here for decades for peace of mind.

Let me tell you that earlier, along with making an access road to this place, he instructed the officials concerned to develop it. As a result, on the orders of Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar, the survey was done by the district administration with the help of Loniv. After which this route was completed.

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This cave is the center of attraction of people in the country and the world

Rudra cave is 1.5 meters long and three meters wide, situated 1.5 kilometers from Kedarnath Dham and at an altitude of 11 thousand 752 feet above sea level. Along with electric-water inside the cave, bathroom and heater have also been provided. Prime Minister Narendra Modi meditated 17 hours in this cave on 18 May 2019. Since then, these caves have become the center of attraction of people in the country and the world. The Garhwal Mandal Development Corporation (GMVN) is responsible for their operations. The cave has all the necessary facilities for meditation and yoga as well as telephone. The Kedarnath temple is clearly visible from this cave.

It is known that the Prime Minister has mentioned on several different occasions that he had been like a monk in Garudchatti during the five years of 1985 to 1990. Then they used to reach Kedarnath temple from here every day and see Baba Kedar and do Jalabhishek. On 3 May and 20 October last year, PM Modi remembered the days spent here when he reached Kedarnath.

Most visible big change

The walking route from Gaurikund to Kedarnath passed through Rambara and Garudchatti. During the tragedy, the rising waves of the Mandakini river from the flood ended the existence of Rambara itself. This path also fell to destruction.

From the year 2014, the path of travel was changed and Garudchatti became deserted. Reconstruction works gained momentum when PM Modi arrived here in the year 2017. Garudchatti was also decorated. This route was ready again in October 2018.

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How terrible was the Kedarnath tragedy

Talking about the figures, more than 6000 people died or went missing in the disaster in Kedarnath.
– The temple of Lord Kedarnath built in the 8th century was also partially damaged.
– Over 4,200 villages lost contact. In these, 991 local people were killed at different places.
– Over 11,091 cattle were swept away in floods or died under debris. 1,309 hectares of villagers were washed away by the floods.
– Names of 2,141 buildings were erased. Over 100 big and small hotels were demolished.
Nine national highways, 35 state highways and 2385 roads, 86 motor bridges, 172 major and minor bridges were washed away or severely broken in the disaster.

It will cost money to meditate in caves

Devotees visiting the world-famous Kedarnath Dham will now have to pay the price for visiting the spiritual caves in Kedarnath Dham. The state government is mobilizing facilities in the caves by modernizing the caves. However, the saint-society and the Tirtha-priests of Kedarnath Dham have strongly objected to this.

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