Dobra Chanti Bridge India Longest Suspension Bridge Tour Blog

Dobra Chanti Bridge India Longest Suspension Bridge Tour Blog

We had completed the visit of Kunjapuri temple in due time. It took us an hour and a half to arrive but to return the same way, only a little over half an hour. We thought that it would come immediately after lunch and leave for Dobra Chanti Bridge. But, as always, this time too, planning was left to fumble due to someone else. Dobra Chanti Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the country.

Actually, in the shop from which we had breakfast in the morning, our acquaintance and local resident of the village Pundir ji also came there. Pundir ji paid the bill despite our refusal. Don’t know what was the reason that we did not meet that shopkeeper brother in return. While we had already told them to make lunch.

Now his son and some of his friends were at his shop. However, on our request, he also started making lunches. But in this whole process our precious hour and a half went away. Lunch was being made, meanwhile, my eyes were on the stall of women who were selling spices. When I went there and asked them about making it, it was learned that there is a government plan in which women are being made self-reliant at the local level. Under this mission, she makes pickles and spices. For this, they also grow raw materials in the fields themselves.

I have seen few such government schemes that are coming true on the ground. Seeing this plan, I congratulated the government wholeheartedly. If people get work at local level then why should there be an escape. And there is a dire need for such a mission on the mountains.

In this time our lunch was ready. Chole-rice, salad, our lunch was such that we could not keep up and we ate too much on it. So much that he was neither sitting nor getting up. Well, it was also necessary to reach the destination. So, I stood on the road. Two-four buses passed, no one stopped. The vehicles also passed but did not stop.

The Dobra Chanti Bridge was very important for us to reach in broad daylight and the time was passing by. The vehicles were not taking the name of stoppage. Then came a government car. Government means a vehicle engaged in government service. The car was private but as soon as he saw my hand, he stopped a few feet ahead, seeing Dobra Chanti written on it, I thought, I got a ride.

The rocks were kept in the vehicle which were to be installed on Dobra Chanti Bridge. However, as we were told that to reach Dobra Chanti Bridge, we have to go to Chamba first and then get a ride from there. We asked for the fare from these driver Bhaiya to Chamba, they told about Rs 140 for two rides. I ran and called Sanju and we both sat in the car.

Now there is an Innova car, a car engaged in government service from above, then after sitting in it, realized that brother has recovered the money. Sanju went to sleep as soon as he sat down, but I kept talking to that driver.

I came for the third time in the last one year on the road to Chamba ahead of Hindolakhal. For the first time it was a common hill road, in the second journey, the work of All Weather Road had started here and we had to face dusty soil. This third time was such that it was making the streets feel like we had moved to another country. The Government of India and Nitin Gadkari have done a wonderful job. Brother wow

I made a road video, made it hard and also enjoyed traveling comfortably. Now the conversation started with brother. Meaning, how much money they will take from Chamba to Dobra Chanti. He told us that he will go to New Tehri, to deliver rocks, he will go to Dobra Chanti tomorrow. They told us that if they leave us, they will take 1400 rupees.

I was surprised to hear. We had reached Rishikesh from Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad for a fare of 300 rupees and now 1400 from about 35 kilometers (Chamba to Dobra Chanti) here! I got quiet and told him that we will remove Chamba. We will take a ride from there.

On the way, negotiated a couple more times, then first he came at 1200 and then the last 1100. After some time Chamba had also arrived. I came out of the car, Sanju also came, but I had a tight heart. Even if I had taken a second ride, the half-hour gap was certain and it would have been a night to book a hotel or homestay and reach there.

I told brother- 900 final, complete. Dobra Chanti from Hindolakhal. Looked at Sanjay too. He neither wanted to say but there were compulsions of time. I told him to sit down. The deal was finalized in 900.

I had advanced from Chamba to Dobra Chanti Bridge. We had already arrived, that the bell rang on Bhaiya’s phone and he was asked to come to Dobra Chanti Bridge today. Now there was no point in requesting them. But I definitely told him to get it done, brother.

Driver Bhai Sahab was definitely helpful. He said that the staff quarter which is in Dobra Chanti bridge itself, I would have stopped you there but there are others still there. But be assured that I will get you a home stay. In this, he said thinking that there is a homestay 9 kilometers before the bridge, nothing after that. Other people told us this thing.

The Dobra Chanti Bridge had begun to appear from a distance. Then came a homestay. His concept was like some jungle. There were pictures of Jim Corbett. I reached in, so the owner came from the other side. I asked what is the rate. He said that 1500. I again said that we only have to spend the night, leave in the morning. Can it be less? They did not agree

After this we moved forward. Mr. Home Stay was found a short distance away. Here, 1000 was told for one night’s fare, but when we requested, they agreed to 500. We said that information about his homestay will also be given in the video and we will leave in the morning.

However, there was still a problem. That is, we were to have a night at the Dobra Chanti Bridge. And after that how come 9 kilometers away. We told the owner of the homestay that if we did not get a ride, would you be able to come to pick us up? He accepted our request and said that yes, he will come. We kept both his number and visiting card.

We reached Dobra Chanti Bridge in such a way that it became dark only 5 minutes after the bus arrived. I shot the intro in the same night as daylight and then we both started walking on the bridge. Even after walking for half an hour, when the lights of the bridge did not light up, I felt that it might not be useless to come here.

I turned back that the tublights of the bridge burned. I thought maybe the colorful lights have been turned off, and this is what will be going on. After all it would have cost. People also saw me less there, so I started showing the same tubelight.

But friends, believe what happened in the next 20 minutes, there was no limit to Anand. The bridge illuminated with light. Red, green, blue, yellow, the bridge bathed in such a bright light that we too got lost in its beauty.

We captured every light, every moment. Stayed there for two whole hours. Then the path of return caught.

The driver took the money but also won the heart

When the driver had lowered us on the Dobra Chanti Bridge, it was said that when we leave, we must call him. If they stay here, they will leave us, and if they have left, they will definitely get it done.

When we called him, we came to know that he had gone. He said that if we meet a person named Chaudhary, he will make arrangements. What was it, we found a place in the car going to leave the engineer of the project consulting company.

On the way back, there was a very good conversation with the engineer. He told us about the shortcomings and corruption in the country at the government level. Because he was watching this system, he told many fine things. Well, what can we do, everything has always gone on like this. And corruption is very deep-seated. It is very impossible to get rid of it.

While talking to the engineer, our homestay also arrived. We landed, bought the engineer and thanked the driver who helped us. The sorrow of money was really reduced.

Rishikesh to Chamba and Chamba to Dobra Chanti

Homestays are some 9 kilometers before the bridge. Go there at night only after getting a booking confirmed.

It would be better to go there by personal cab or vehicle. However, if you go during the day, there will be no problem of riding.

Read in the next article, how was the first night and morning tea of ​​the homestay.

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