Delhi Travel Tips: How To Choose The Right Travel Hostel

Delhi Travel Tips How To Choose The Right Travel Hostel

One of the most important things to consider while planning your Delhi trip is to choose the right hostel. I’ve tried this article on Delhi travel tips to be as precise and detailed as possible while compiling these travel hacks. Additional suggestions are most welcome.

Delhi Travel Tips- Choosing The Right Hostel

  • Reviews, reviews, and more reviews– Alright, we start with the most straightforward Delhi travel tip- check the online reviews of your property. And even more importantly, find out which one of those are fake. Many hostel owners put up spurious travel reviews to get more business, and with a little bit of your sixth sense, you can smell the bull-shit!
  • May I smoke please?– While smoking is allowed in many Delhi-based travel hostels, it would still be an excellent idea to ask for smoking permissions from your prospective hostel owner. Smoking is discouraged in quite a few properties in Delhi and elsewhere in the interests of health. It is always a great idea to book your travel hostel while being aware of your rights.
  • English-toilets– Strange as it may seem to you, many travel hostels do not have modern commodes in their toilets. Book your travel pad only after checking that it has a toilet seat that suits you. An ensure that at the point of using it, it is in a workable condition.
  • Look at the videos– Most properties attract their visitors by putting up attractive images and photographs, and there is nothing bad about it. But having a video view of the property will help. This way, you will know exactly how your hostel would look like from all possible angles. Not a lonely place, please– If you are coming for the first time, you’d be a little shaken because you don’t know a thing about Delhi, right? So, it makes sense to be always within the crowds, even if it means that your hostel is in a crowded place. I, for one, won’t like it if I am a female traveler to walk down to my accommodation alone in the dark. Try finding a place that is not in an isolated spot is what I am trying to say.

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Tips To Finding Your Right Travel Hostel

  • Phone connections– Does your accommodation provider help you get a phone connection? Ask him whether he does. If you are going to stay around in Delhi for more than a week, you’d be needing a cheap phone connection. Ideally speaking, your travel hostel owner should help you out in this case. Phone rentals in India are as low as $1.5 per month for 30 GB of data so this pricing plan should help you during your stay.
  • Food issues– You’d be surprised at how many Indians are food-prudes! Meaning, a large majority of us stay away from non-vegetarian food. And that applies to travel hostel owners too! I know of several guys who don’t allow non-veg food on their premises! So, my dear friend, if you are visiting Delhi for the first time, check whether your accommodation provider cooks the food of your choice. By the way, beef is a strict no-no in India.
  • Is it close to Metro Station? As a traveler, you can reach out to most parts of Delhi by taking the Delhi Metro. All you have to do is buy a token from a Ticket Vending Machine and simply hop on to the right train. Using this transport is damn cheaper than taking an Uber or an auto-rickshaw. Ask your stay provider how close is his property to the nearest Metro station. The closer, the better. Most neighborhoods in Delhi like Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Paharganj are situated very close to the Metro lines so you don’t have to worry too much. But it’s always nice to check before you book your Delhi travel.

Hey folks, did you find these Delhi travel tips useful? Do you have something extra to say on how to make your India travel safe and more pleasurable?

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