Delhi to Kasaul Road Trip in parvati valley via bhunter

Delhi to Kasaul Road Trip in parvati valley via bhunter

Delhi to Kasaul Road Trip – Friends, in this blog you will read my experience of Parvati Valley Tour from Delhi to Parvati Valley. This is the second blog of this series. Earlier, the blog is telling the story of journey from home to catching a bus. If you want to read the first blog Can click here. Let’s start another blog. In this blog, you will get to know our experiences about the journey from Delhi to Bhuntar and then from Bhuntar to Kasaul (Delhi to Kasaul Road Trip). This blog can prove to be very helpful for your Parvati Valley trip.

In Delhi-NCR, the hobby of drinking tea while wandering around is old. This tea, which is found in any corner for 10 rupees, is pleasing in rain, heat, winter… every season. However, this tea shocked Parvati Valley. He came a little far from Delhi. After getting off the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, the bus stopped at Moorthy in Sonipat. Volvo just stopped at a hotel that looked like a five-star affair. After seeing all the glowing fountains, many people got involved in the photo session itself. I went to the washroom first. After coming out of the washroom, I found the rate of cold drink at a shop. Colddrink with 40 was available for 60 rupees. Packets of chips were also priced higher than MRP. Seeing this, I took Utern. Thank you Ranjit and Sanju, who went away to find a tea shop. He called and called us too. There was tea, but 30 rupees. Seeing this inflation, the trip did not go out of the budget. Well, the tea at that dhabha was amazing. Reached the heart.

We had dinner in the hotel before drinking tea. After dinner, what to say if you get tea. This mouth is like a wish fulfilled. After drinking tea, we walked a little and then walked towards the floor. We had one thing in this bus, that there was a group in it. This group was such that there was a confluence of family and friends in it. Some people were as if still in college and some people were looking matured. However, it did not make much difference. All of these hustle did not let me sleep. So a girl was standing in front of the seat discussing boyfriends and girlfriends, she too was screaming and gossip was moving separately on the right side. Hesitantly, I did not ask anyone to shut up. Yes, at 3 to 4 am, at dawn, all their batteries were automatically discharged and they all fell asleep. Now I was not able to sleep. The bus was hitchhiking on the mountains ahead of Chandigarh and I was staring outside.

It was now morning. I was busy with views. What were the views, there were empty mountains and houses. Then Vasu started saying his Ranjit – man, I want to go to the washroom. He ran and ran to the driver, stopped the bus and went out. What is there, this is the only problem on the bus that cannot be solved many times. Vasu came after two minutes. But after half an hour of running the bus, I also got a little breath. When I asked Vasu, he said that my atmosphere is also building. When he pleaded with the driver and operator, he spent about twenty-five hours. After this, he stopped the bus at a dhaba where all the passengers came out and saw the mountains. Tea is also drunk

These unknown passengers of the bus make a relationship while remaining unknown. This relationship is about traveling in a bus. Mild joking laughs also started going on. That’s when we talked to the people sitting behind. It turned out that they have come for the Kheerganga trek and will also start the trek today. We said that amazing man! Vipin found out the rates of the camp on Kheerganga from him, also took some contacts. Here I thought that the bus had come to Bhuntar, but when it opened Google Map, it was telling 3 hours from now. Seeing this, the senses flew away. Now what do you do We started making changes in planning and schedules right there. The bus had gone here and the highway work started to appear. Very big tunes, bridges were being built. The mountains were being broken. The future of Manali Highway started coming in front of my eyes. Now the future was far away, but he definitely put Lanka in the present.

Just eating hiccups, and sometimes feeding dust, reached Bhuntar after 12 o’clock. Bhuntar is the place from which one path leads directly to Manali and the other path to Parvati Vale. This place is small and congested too. There is also Kullu Airport here. The international airport project was started by Virbhadra Singh’s government here, which was stopped by the new government. Now preparations are being made to build an airport in Sunder Nagar, which is situated at a great distance from here. After getting off the bus at Bhuntar, when I went to get my bagpack from the bottom, it had escaped from being sunk in the mud. The reason for this was a lot of bags on top of it. The operator had instructed the bus before running that you would not even be able to recognize the bags placed in Bhuntar. Those passengers who were at the forefront of their luggage had the same condition.

From Bhuntar, the Zing Bus people boarded their taxi (SUMO) and sent us to Kasaul. Relieved here. Because the real challenge is the journey from Bhuntar to Kasaul. After 8 o’clock, there is no entry in the Parvati Valley of the travel buses. The path is narrow and winding. The problem of jam is caused by just going. This is the reason that only cars can take you during the day. However, in this sumo too, some people from the same group were with us, who were also on the bus. While walking, I went to sleep again, as soon as I went to sleep, a girl from that group shouted as if she had seen a miracle. I felt that an incident had happened, but when understood, she shouted at seeing a mountain which was covered with snow. I said in my mind – Dutt Tere Ki.

People travel from Bhuntar to Kasaul because people who come to visit Parvati Valley usually stay at Kasaul. Kasaul and CHOJ Village near it is the center point of Parvati Valley. Now we started talking with the driver and that group in Sumo. This entire journey is about one and a half hours. We were talking that two people of the group started vomiting. Just before Kasaul, we stopped the car, gave them water, we had some toffees, they gave it. When he felt relieved, we asked the driver to start the car. The rest of his group got him in Kasaul. We landed at the evening hotel in Kasaul. From here we had to go to CHOJ village. For this village, we had to walk one kilometer and cross a bridge over the Parvati river.

We started moving forward. Although we did not see anything special in Kasaul. Only the market was visible. But when we came back here at night, we also found many stories wrapped in the color of Kasaul. We have a video on YouTube on this story as well, you must watch it. In the third blog of the Kasaul Yatra series, you will read the journey of CHOJ village and Chalal track. This blog is very useful in making your trip easy. See you in the next blog, take care, keep traveling, good buy

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