camping trip after lockdown in Year 2021 Rishikesh Tour Blog

camping trip after lockdown in Year 2021 Rishikesh Tour Blog

Rishikesh Tour Blog – How does it feel if you go on a trip after months? We also went for a walk, but you can also call it a journey after years. Weeks in advance preparations, shopping, persuading family members, applying for leave in office, everything…. Sometimes it seems that going for a walk is like a wedding ceremony. How much preparation do you have to do?

For this tour, I had chosen the nearest destination. The first reason for this decision was the fear of the third wave of No Doubt Corona and the second was the presence of small children. I did one more preparation for this trip and that was to book a cab. You can call it a taxi, not a cab. For taxi, I book a car from Negi Bhaiya of other locality only. This locality is in our neighborhood, so there is no problem.

After all these preparations, now it was the turn of the trip. Our trip (Rishkesh Tour Blog) started on Saturday morning. The date was July 9, 2021. When you sit in the car in the morning, first of all know what comes to mind? how is the driver? What would be going on in his mind? We also had this question in our mind. As soon as he sat in the car with the driver, he started talking to the children. He was trying to create a friendly atmosphere. However, this beginning was not comfortable for children. So he was not reacting.

As soon as our cart moved beyond Rajnagar Extension, driver Bhai Saab dropped it at Ganganahar. There is a road parallel to this Ganga Nahar which brings you to Roorkee. However, I did not know this. When he told me that he would take me to Roorkee by saving two tolls through this road, I was happy. It was similar to the feeling of ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’. Hahaha

Now we would walk along the Gangnahar, tell the children that this is the river, look how it is flowing, see how it is flowing, we were going. Now I felt that Vikas Bhai, was starting to sleep a little bit. When I saw their expressions, I asked Preeti whether to stop somewhere. Vikas Bhai, had already told me that dhabas are not found on this road. I had also told them that don’t worry, wherever we go, we carry puri vegetables. When I asked Preeti to stop somewhere, she said yes, but the children are sleeping. Won’t wake them.

I said yes, okay. I told Vikas Bhai that whoever sees a tea shop, you should stop there. Vikas Bhai said that you stop early or else the trees will perish. What was it then, I told him that yes and only then I was shown a board in the middle of the road in front that thank you for visiting UP! It simply meant that we had come to the border of Uttarakhand. It was amazing, friends, in two and a half hours the sparkling road of this Ganga Nahar had made us enter Uttarakhand.

It was a small barrage at one place. There was a tea dhaba on the right side of this barrage. Whether it was like a shop seen in a dream or like a comics or Motu-Patlu samosas, I am not able to explain it to you. Yes, it was similar to Motu Patlu’s samosas. Here we stayed under the shade of a banyan tree. There was a canal nearby. And the shop next door. At the same time, some mango people were selling mangoes. I also saw a small hand pump next to this kiosk. It must have been at least 25 years old. Kai was frozen. But the cuteness is still such that it irritates many people.

Vikas Bhai went there and sat down on a bench. When Vikas went to give it to Bhaiya after taking parathas from Mrs. ji, he went to this hand pump and drank a sip of water. Swear friends, the coldness is such that the freeze fails. The purity would also be amazing. By the way, in the matter of purity, our tongue eats only due to saltiness, so I also stay away from saltiness, but this water was amazing. After eating whole vegetables and pickles in the car, came here again and drank water with pain. As if the soul has got satisfaction.

Haridwar toll tax

Now leave from here for Rishikesh Tour Blog. Vikas Bhai had saved our toll till now, but now after entering Haridwar, a toll was about to come, to welcome us. After counting I took out forty rupees in my hand. As soon as the toll came on the gleaming road, a different story was going on there. The elderly workers of the Bharatiya Kisan Union were standing there and giving their hands to the vehicles and moving forward. He had made this toll free. From here we went ahead. In the hope of pleasant weather, in the hope of rain, in the hope of swaying clouds…

everyone’s feet have changed

When we were passing through the Har ki Paidi road in Haridwar, it was a wonderful sight. The panoramic view of Maa Ganga and the statue of Bholenath were next to it. We were passing on the way. I noticed that year when I had done a foot march from here to Neelkanth, along with Abhishek and Chandan. It was showing this place to the children for the first time. I told him that we will come here in return. Before the joy of the weather I was hoping for, I was feeling happy to reach Haridwar in a hurry. What a wonderful way the government has made. Really, that’s why we vote. Yes, it was just thinking that as if it was visible. The terrible jam was rushing to welcome us.

The car stopped in traffic. In the meantime, a man came out of the adjacent car and threatened the driver of the cab in front. Maybe he had hurt his car. So much sunshine and anger as if that person was on the seventh sky. We had to see these bad scenes too. The car had moved forward.

RTPCR checking in Rishikesh

I had told Vikas bhai that my RTPCR report has come but wife’s has not come yet. At his behest, after getting into the car, I But by registering himself, an e-pass was also made. But now there was a slight problem with the report. Although we knew that on-the-spot tests are also done in case of non-reports, but to avoid wastage of time, Vikas Bhai took the car to the other side of the Ganges via the barrage route in Rishikesh. This route goes straight through the forests to Mohan Chatti via Tapovan. On this way, the RTPCR report was checked at one place. I showed my report and we were allowed to go ahead. After this, checking was found at the crossroads of the bridge on the river Ganga to go to Neelkanth. Although we were not asked here.

Here in Rishikesh Tour Blog, it seemed that we had won the battle. This feeling is also amazing, friends. Now from here we move ahead. Telling the children that animals come on this path, at night.

When reached Mohanchatti’s camp

We had to go to our camp at Mohanchatti. The name Mohanchatti is such that it had already created a picture about the camp. Sundar C. Yes, we reached the camp through difficult routes. I asked the owner how we can reach, then he told me that we have to come down and cross the river and after crossing the river we can reach there by car. We got so confused that we had proceeded on the path of Neelkanth. Internet connection was also zero. When we called again, he again guided us.

From the golden path we were on, there is a staggering path down there, all the camps are lined up here. The camp we had to go to was very far ahead. For that one has to cross a small rainy river. We brought the car back for seven kilometers and then proceeded on this steep path. When we reached the banks of the river Barsati, a car was seen stuck on the other side. The bumper of this vehicle was damaged due to a stone hit.

We offered them help and then started crossing this river carefully. For the first time in my life, I was crossing such a river. The car quickly reached the other side. Now seeing the camp also came.

Why did booking in the camp in Rishikesh

Actually, our entire trip for Rishikesh Tour Blog was to be in a village resort. Now that the resort was completely full, I had to book at the camp. By the way, I would not like to suggest you to stay in such a camp, that too when the family is with you. However, if you find a good camp, then you must stop. But I did not like to stay in it. We stayed here for only one night and left for our resort the next day.

What was the atmosphere like in the camp, how was the food

This was my first experience of staying in a camp. When we reached here, it seemed that the work would be done. The camp had four folding, wooden ply ones. And just barely standing. On one we put our luggage. Then refreshed with heat. It was felt that the motor was not running in the cooler and due to this the water cooling was not getting. Called a man standing near the kitchen. He came running and corrected the wire, then the motor started. In no time it was lunch time.

I had requested the owner to arrange for the driver’s food. He had agreed to this. Hunger was increased for lunch, but friends, the food was such that I could just run the work. I have rarely eaten such simple food at any ordinary dhaba. But when I looked at the camp rates and wondered how they would manage all this for margins and earnings, then I understood. After the meal I thought why not go till the river, the children would be happy but Preeti suggested that the children would not be able to bear the sun, go to sleep now, walk in the evening.

How was the evening in Rishikesh camp

In this camp built at Mohanchatti in Rishikesh (Rishkesh Tour Blog), we woke up at 5 pm in the evening. Snack time was 7 o’clock so let’s go to take a bath in the river. The journey till the river was about 200 meters. When the children reached there, they jumped on seeing the water. This water was relatively warm. This was the first time I was in such hot water of a natural river. Yes, the children had a lot of fun and so did our Mrs. There was little moss in the water, so its marks are still there on the cloth.

After taking a bath, we came to the camp only wet. Changed clothes and came to the cafeteria for snacks. Snacks included boiled gram and pasta. There was tea together. Our only concern was that the children would eat it. The children ate pasta. Because even in the afternoon, he had not eaten anything because of the sharpness. If we still do not eat, then our trouble will increase. Our work was going on with the biscuits kept together. After snacks, we started watching the evening by sitting on the chairs placed in front of the tent. Children were fussy with other children and sometimes doing adventure activities.

The evening had fallen a bit more. A little more than 8 o’clock. There were 15 tents in that camp site and everyone had prepared for the evening party in front of about 12 tents. There was only one couple like us who was sitting there but the bottles were not spilling there. Both of them were drinking mirinda. I saw Gaya also brought Thumsup. It got Rs 20 more expensive than the MRP. We also opened the thumbsup and started drinking it with namkeen.

This was the joy in the evening that you must take. to reboot itself. No matter how long you stay at home, the work never ends. But outside you are able to keep work from yourself and yourself away from work. The family also enjoys so differently. Sitting there for a long time and talking and then came to the room.

Dinner at Mohanchatti’s Camp

I expected the dinner to be a little better and something in the sweet but the same dhaak ke three paat. Was sugar mixed in the sweet as always kept in the bowl. Hahaha. Here I did not eat food but swallowed it. really. This thought came in my mind that it should be early in the morning and run away from here. I did not say this to Preeti. After having dinner, we came to the room and started preparing to sleep. The clothes of the river were still wet, so they were washed and put on the plants outside.

how was that morning in rishikesh

The next morning of Rishikesh (Rishkesh Tour Blog) we went to the banks of the river, Mr.Mrs. I did some fake meditation, then both of them posed for pictures. Preeti was worried that the children might not wake up. They wake up and look for their mother first, if they do not find them, they start crying. Preeti was constantly looking towards the tent. On his insistence, I also came to the tent. And see, as soon as he came, the son got up and started crying. We got the kids ready and waited for breakfast.

In the meantime we have done the packing. All things tied up. Breakfast had poha and puri-sabzi. This was a fair case. It was of its type and the taste was also right. I ate breakfast to the fullest. Keep some poha for the kids too. And then headed towards your booked resort. Yes, earlier we had made a plan to go to Neelkanth, then the car first started towards Neelkanth.

( Rishikesh Tour Blog )

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