Best Trekking Routes in India for adventure tour

Best Trekking Routes in India for adventure tour

Best Trekking Routes – Who doesn’t like adventure, people leave no stone unturned to make their boring sea life fun. So, this time we tell you about some such fun treks, where you can also enjoy this exciting treks. The natural treasures, beautiful mountains and such, the fun of trekking doubles. Let us tell you today about the best Trekking Routes in India

Trekking in the Himalayas of India or the mountainous region in the south has its own unique fun. Today on Travel Passion, we will tell you about 10 such places which are very much preferred for trekking.

Enjoying the trek along the snow-bound Zansker River is different. Beautiful view and the first glimpse of the years old culture of Ladakh is available from here. This is a great journey for those who have already gained experience in trekking. Icy pathways, cool winds, beautiful and pristine nature. This trek only means an unforgettable experience. It takes about 9-10 days and the best time to go on the trek is January and February.

This trek from Garhwal in Uttarakhand takes you to the Gangotri Glacier at Gomukh, the place where the Ganges begins. Doing this trek is a true natural bliss, this place is seen with rare blue mountain goats as well as different species of plants and animals. This glacier is surrounded by beautiful mountains from all sides, which is worth seeing. For this trek, you should take up to 12 days with you. Let me tell you that the best time to visit here is May-June or September-October.

Markha Valley trek is a famous trek in Ladakh. While trekking in this area, you will be roaming in a variety of areas with dry mountains, ravines and small villages, fields of wheat, barley and mustard. This region is a repository of ancient Tibetan culture. A trek in the middle of this area will be settled in your memories for a lifetime. It takes a week to 10 days to complete this trek. On the other hand, if you go here during June to October, you will enjoy trekking more.

In this trek passing through the very beautiful Garhwal region of India, you get a view of the reflection of more than 7000 peaks. Rare species like Himalayan leopards and musk deer are found in this area. The main attraction of this trek is the Kuari Pass at an altitude of 4264 meters. This trek is quite easy and experiences local Hindu culture. You can complete it in 1 week. And if you go here between April to June or between September to November, it will be quite good.

Nanda Devi is the highest peak in the Garhwal region of India at an elevation of 7816 meters. Nandadevi National Park, spread in the lap of the mountain, is a beautiful place of beauty, housing the Himalayan flora and fauna. You will be able to trek along the foothills of the Himalayas and many small rivers and glaciers. These places attract thousands of photographers, trekkers every year. This trekking can take 10 days and the best time to go is between May and June.

This trek is situated in beautiful Sikkim which will take you from near Kanchenjunga. Let us tell you that Kanchenjunga is the third largest peak in the world. Trekking here can be quite difficult. But when you see the Himalayas from Dzongri, you will also enjoy facing these difficulties. It will take 10 days to complete this trek. On the other hand, if you go here from March to June or from September to November, you will enjoy more.

Located in the Himalayas of Uttaranchal at an elevation of 3658 meters, the Valley of Flowers is aptly named, it is a huge valley filled with flowers. This is a wonderful place where there are beautiful mountains all around. The floor of this valley is decorated with flowers of all colors and there is a pleasant fragrance throughout the area. This trek will take around 6 days. If you want to visit here, you can go between July to September.

Roopkund is a lake built at an altitude of 5029 meters, at the bottom of which human skeletons are found and is very famous for it. A trip to Roopkund lake will take you through the old forests. Lush greenery, birds of many species, surrounding Himalayan peaks, flat plains, Hindu temples, make the visit to Roopkund a memorable experience. It takes 8 days to trekking and for this you can choose the months of May-June and September-October.

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