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Best Places To Visit in Goa

Goa is a small state of India, which is surrounded by Maharashtra on the northern side and Karnataka on the eastern and south sides. There is the Arabian Sea toward its West. Its capital is Panaji, while the largest city of Goa is Vasco da Gama. The Portuguese used to live in Goa, they discovered it. After being here for 450 years, Goa was incorporated in India in 1961. Goa was made a state on 30 May 1987.

Goa is the most known tourist destination in India. Goa is considered to be the best destination for any kind of holiday, honeymoon, family trip, trip with friends. Goa is the most popular among the youth. Everyone wants to go on vacation with their friends there. Goa’s fun-filled atmosphere, party, beach, adventure sports, natural beauty, and history here make everyone fall in love with it. Goa is not only a favorite tourist destination in India, but it also has a lot of discussions abroad. Thousands of tourists come from abroad every year in Goa. You should spend at least 1 week in Goa, then you can enjoy it there comfortably.

About Goa

Goa was built 30 May 1987
Capital Panaji
the largest city Vasco Da Gama
Area 3702 km
Population (2001 census) 1,457,723

Best Time To Visit Goa

You can visit Goa anytime. The peak season in Goa is from October to January. During this time it is very crowded, mainly during the New Year. From common man to celebrity, everyone goes here to celebrate New Year. The evening of New Year, the atmosphere here is worth seeing, the New Year here is famous all over the world. In this peak season, the rates here start touching the sky, stopping and drinking food becomes very expensive at this time. Those who cannot go in this peak season, they can enjoy Goa during the monsoon. There is also a special discount in the monsoon season from June to September, so that you can enjoy Goa at a reasonable price.

How To Teach Goa

  • By Airplane (By Air) – Goa has only one airport, ‘Goa International Airport’. It is located near Vasco da Gama. From here both national and international flights operate.
  • By Train (By Train) – Goa has 2 railway lines – South Western Railway and Konkan Railway. The Konkan railway line was constructed only in 1990, this train is connected to all western parts of the country. Goa’s capital Panaji does not have a railway station. Other cities of Goa, Vasco da Gama and Madgaon are major junctions of Goa.
  • By Road (By Road) – It is also a good option to reach Goa by road. Very private and government buses run for this place. Volvo runs from Mumbai, due to which many people reach Goa by bus. Public transport within Goa is very good. People book personal two-wheelers to roam here. This car is found in every intersection, the hotel there. To run these two-wheelers, you must have a driving license, then the whole of Goa is yours. You can go wherever you want.

List of Goa Tourism Places to Visit

Goa is divided into two parts, North Goa and South Goa. Details of Best Places To Visit in Goa.

Old Goa

Old Goa is located in Panaji. It used to be their capital at the time of the Portuguese. This is the place where most churches and churches in Asia are located. Some of the old buildings here have been made a museum by the Department of Archeology, in these museums the history of Goa can be seen closely. The oldest and famous building in Old Goa is ‘The Convent’ and ‘Church of St. Francis’, it was built in 1521. Here the remains of the body of St. Francis Xavier are still preserved. His body is brought to the public to be seen every 10 years. This happened in 2015.

Goa Beach

Goa is situated along the Arabian Sea. There are many beaches in Goa, where many resorts, hotels, hats have been built. People mainly go to Goa to enjoy these beaches. Here each one is different in itself. Let me tell you about some selected beach –

  1. Agonda – It is located in South Goa. It is a very long and wide beach. Away from the noise of the city, coming here calms the mind. There is not a crowd of too many people here. Anyone who wants to just relax must go in the meantime. There are beach hats here, where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  2. Anjuna – It is in North Goa. The flee market is held here every Wednesday, where people come in large quantities and enjoy shopping. A crowd of people can always be seen in the meantime.
  3. Arambol – This beach located in North Goa, is situated at the end of Goa. Which nowadays is a favorite among people. At one time it used to be a fishing village, but now it has become a beach full of tourists. Here people also do yoga and meditation. There are various types of water sports on this beach, as well as dolphins can also be seen on the beach. This beach remains open overnight, it becomes pleasant and pleasant during the night. With light music, people come here to spend a wonderful evening. Being away from Goa, the crowd here is less, it is a peaceful place away from the noise.
  4. Baga and Calangute – This beach is one of the busiest beaches in Goa. Baga beach starts from where Kalangute beach ends. It is difficult to understand where both are from. Baga beach is more developed than Calangute Beach, and the crowd here is less. People go to enjoy water sports here. If you want to enjoy good food and wine, then you will find many restaurants near this beach. There is a crowd of people around Baga Beach overnight, it has famous Titos and Cafe Mambo. You have more places near it –
    1. From the cathedral
    2. Aguada Fort
    3. St. Alex’s Church
    4. Baga Retreat House
  5. Benaulim – It is located near Colva Beach, but there is a lot of difference between the two. There is a fishing business here. There is no party in the middle, but water sports can be enjoyed here. This beach is very quiet, crowds can be seen here only in the peak season of December.
  6. Colva – This is the more famous beach, where crowds are also more. Along with the tourists on weekends, there is also a lot of local people. There is more crowd here during October because at this time people come from abroad to the Colva Church. This area is quite developed, where hotels, bars, restaurants, food stalls are all available. In the meantime, there is a crowd of Indians instead of foreigners. Foreigners do not enjoy much here, because there is no noise of night here.
  7. Palolem – This beach is made in a semicircle shape. There are large palm trees here, as well as the sand here is very soft. In the meantime, the peak season is very crowded. Temporary hats are made here every year during the season, where people can have fun staying on the beach.

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It is situated near the Mandovi river. The city is historic, where the influence of the Portuguese can still be seen. India’s first and Asia’s oldest medical college ‘Goa Medical College’ was built by the Portuguese in Panaji. The main scenic spots in Panaji are –

  1. Ris Magos Fort
  2. Fort Aguada
  3. 18 June Road
  4. Goa Archaeological Museum
  5. Secretariat
  6. Dona Paula beach
  7. Miramar Beach
  8. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  9. Goa State Museum
  10. Durga Temple
  11. Jama Masjid


It was built in 1543 by the Portuguese. It used to be the main industrial site of Goa. The city was named Vasco-da-Gama after a famous Portuguese. If you want to see the culture of Goa and the lifestyle here, then you must go to this city. Famous places of Vasco-da-Gama –

  1. Bogmalo Beach
  2. Velsao Beach
  3. Mormugao Port
  4. Pilot point
  5. Japanese Garden
  6. Gambler River
  7. Naval Aviation Museum


Mapusa is one of the famous places in Goa. Every Friday there is a market, where good things can be taken for a low price. Places around Mapusa –

  1. Kalacha Beach
  2. Mascarenhas Mansion
  3. Arpora
  4. Aldona
  5. Chapora Fort
  6. Sri Kalika Temple
  7. Basilica of Bom Jesus


This is the second-largest city of Goa, as well as old. It is also the commercial center of Goa. At the time of the Portuguese, it was called Madgaon but was later renamed, Margo. It is also the main religious place of Goa, there are many religious centers here. Places to visit in Margo –

  1. Canopy Goa
  2. Colva Beach
  3. Lautolim
  4. Caves of Akume
  5. Velsao Beach
  6. Town square
  7. Monte hill
  8. George Barreto Park
  9. Colonial Style Villa

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