Best Places To Visit in City Palace, Udaipur

Best Places To Visit in City Palace, Udaipur

One of the most attractive monuments in the city of Udaipur and the City Palace located near Lake Pichola. The beauty of this complex is seen in the umbrellas of this old palace, in the balconies here in the vents or talk about all these things done on the walls here, it makes it a historical and unique building.

Although the City Palace was built by Maharaja Udai Singh II, his later kings built it without any change in the structure, as a result of which it now appears a complete structure. This palace has been converted into a museum where you can get to know about the detailed history of Udaipur while entering its corridors.

Some Important Places To Visit in City Palace, Udaipur

1. City Palace Museum

The City Palace Museum is an important part of the City Palace where many of the heritage associated with the history of Mewar. Has been preserved. The museum depicts the history, tradition and culture of Mewar. This part of the palace is decorated with mirrors, tiles and beautiful paintings. Here the armoury museum depicts many varieties of weapons. Entrance is made from Ganesh Chowk to visit the Museum of the City Palace. To get entry to this museum here, you have to pay a separate fee.

City Palace Museum udaipur
City Palace Museum

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2. Haldi Valley Museum

Haldighati Museum The Haldi Valley Museum, dedicated to Chetak, the most beloved and loyal horse of Maharana Pratap, is said to have saved the life of his Maharaja in the war. The scriptures and weapons of Maharana Pratap have been kept in the same traditional and ancient place which is the city. The palace is in the museum. The city palace complex has several structures and palaces built during the seventeenth and twentieth centuries.

Haldi Ghati
Haldi Ghati

3. Amar Vilas

A beautiful hanging garden where Fountains, Towers, Terrace and Square marble tub give this place a royal look. The Royal Families used to spend their precious time in this hanging garden built on the highest level of the City Palace.

4. Badi Mahal

Badi Mahal Badi Mahal is also known as Garden Palace. Located on a huge Nashik rock. You will find some unique plants in its huge courtyard. In the Badi Mahal, built-in 1699 BCE, Amar Singh II, you will see 104 carved pillars which refresh the memories of Mughal architecture. The most special thing here is a swimming pool present here which was used in Holi celebrations. Along with this, there are also beautiful wall paintings in which there are paintings of Jag Mandir and Lord Vishnu of Jagdish Temple.

Badi Mahal
Badi Mahal

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5. Fateh Prakash Palace

Fateh Prakash Palace which today has been converted into a hotel. Many Rare items will be seen here like Crystal chairs, Dressing tables, Chairs and beds, Crockery, Table fountains and much more. Sankyavas Maharaja Sajjan Singh was never able to use these items. Because he ordered all these things in 1877, but he died before he could use them.

Durbar Hall Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel Udaipur
Fateh Prakash Palace

6. Durbar Hall

If the Durbar hall is compared to the rest of the structures here, it is quite new that they were constructed in 1909 as the venue for the official function in Fateh Prakash Palace.

7. Bhim Vilas

Bhima Vilas is another gallery where you will find many collections of paintings of Radha and Krishna.

8. Mor Chowk

Here you will see the beautiful peacock glowing in the blue ring. You can see the peacock motif in the decoration here, where the stone and glass have been carved brilliantly. It was built by Karan Singh Ji in 1620 and Sajjan Singh Ji carved glass in 1874. As time went on, new artworks added to Mor Chowk. This place is very amazing. And the artwork of every peacock here will surprise you.

Peacock mosaic at Mor Chowk Udaipur City palace Rajasthan
Peacock mosaic

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9. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is one of the all-star attractions of the City Palace. The name Moti means Pearl and Palace is also called Palace, hence this place is also called ‘Palace of Pearls‘. Beautiful mirrors and glass have been used to decorate the Moti Mahal. Moti Mahal used to be the residence of Maharana Karan Singh. The windows of Moti Mahal here give a magnificent view of the city of Udaipur.

moti mahal

10. Suraj Gokhra

In Suraj Gokhra, you will see a contrasting symbol of the Sun. Beautiful gold rings and mirrors have been used to decorate this gold plated logo. The credit for making this glorious statue of Suryadev is known to Maharana Bhupal Singh. Being a part of the rich heritage of Mewar, this symbol shows that Maharana of Mewar used to have followers of Surya Dev and also a Suryavanshi Rajput.

11. Silver Gallery

Silver Gallery, as the name suggests, here in this gallery you will find unique products made of silver, among which there are many products which were used here regularly by the people of the royal family, from the small amount of silver The range of large products is available which includes Spoons, Forks, Models of an aeroplane, Footwear, Kitchen utensils, Water vessels as well as this gal here. Upon entering Ri, a beautiful silver chariot is also seen, which is one of the prime attractions of the Silver Gallery.

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12. Chinese Gallery

This is also a unique attraction of City Palace where you will get to see collections of beautiful Chinese and Dutch tiles.

Rajasthan Udaipur Palace

13. Chitrashala

A gallery where you will find collections of many peacock pictures.

14. Sheesh Mahal

It is also called the Palace of Mirrors, it was built in 1716 by Maharana Pratap for his wife Maharani Ajbade.

Sheesh Mahal
Sheesh Mahal

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Places To Visit Around City Palace

There are other places to visit around the City Palace like Lake Pichola, Saheliyon ki Bari which is a popular garden and just 3.5 kilometres away from the City Palace, Gulab Bagh and Zoo which is the largest garden of Udaipur City Palace. Sajjangarh palace, also known as Monsoon Palace, is 7 km from the City Palace.

How To Reach City Palace?

The city palace is about 23 kilometres from Udaipur Airport from where buses, taxis and other public transport are easily available.

Entry Fees and Timing

The City Palace is opened for tourists at 9.30 am and if we talk about the entry ticket here, then the entry fee is kept at Rs 30 and the entry fee for the museum is Rs 300. You can explore the City Palace well in about 2 hours.

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