Amust visit place during monsoon in Rajasthan

Amust visit place during monsoon in Rajasthan

Mount Abu Hill Station: Mount Abu is very much liked by tourists. A large crowd of tourists flock to see the sunset here.

Where is Mount Abu located

Mount Abu located at an altitude of about 1220 meters above sea level Abu Mountains Jo’s is the only hill town of Rajasthan. It is the highest peak of the Aravalli Mountains, the main pilgrimage center of the Jains and the summer Shailava of the state. Nestled on the highest peak of the Aravalli hills in Sirohi district of Rajasthan, the climate of Mount Abu is different and captivating from other cities of Rajasthan.

Places around Mount Abu

The main tourist attractions of Mount Abu are Nakki Lake Sunset Point Todd Rock, City of Abu Road, Guru Shikhar Peak and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Mount Abu also has many monuments related to religious and historical importance, mainly the Jain temple of Dilwara, the Aadhar Devi temple, Dudh Bawdi Shri Raghunathji Temple and Achalgarh Fort hold their special place.

Mount Abu’s Sunset Point is the center of attraction among tourists (Mount Abu Sunset Point)

If you are coming to visit Mount Abu, then your journey will not be complete without seeing the sun set point here. From this place you will get a very beautiful view. Which you would never have imagined. The sun’s rays outside the rugged Aravalli ranges at sunset at Mount Abu attract tourists. The specialty of this place is the climate which is pleasant throughout the year. This place is very special for nature lovers and a quiet environment because when the sun sets here, its rays look very beautiful in the rich greenery of Aravalli in shades of red and orange. If you want to enjoy the sunrise then definitely go to Mount Abu.

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Religious importance of Mount Abu

Arbudanchal, the only hill station in Rajasthan known as Parvatraj, is situated on the highest hills of Aravalli. It is famous for the highest peak of Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar as well as famous temples of Jain and Hinduism. Many small and big temples are also located around Mount Abu, along with the folk deities of Garasia and other tribes settled on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. From the ancient ashram of Maharishi Vashistha to the world famous Jain temples of Delwara (Dilwara) are located at this place.

When to visit Mount Abu

You can visit Mount Abu at any time throughout the year, but it is considered better to go here from October to December.

How to visit Mount Abu

By train

The nearest railway station is Abu Road by train. Which is located just 28 km from the main city. It is very well connected to New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mumbai by railway routes.

By Road

From Abu Road you can also easily go by government transport assistance or taxi.

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By plane

The nearest airport from here is located in Udaipur, about 185 km from Mount Abu. At a distance of 221 km from here, Ahmedabad has better connectivity and daily flights to other areas of the country. You can book taxi in advance from both Ahmedabad and Udaipur.

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