A place in China called Heaven’s Door –

The door to heaven is in Tianmen Mountain of China

new Delhi. There are so many amazing places all over the world that make us think once that people come from far and wide to see these beautiful places and learn the secrets hidden behind them. Some beautiful places have been built by humans with their hard work and skill. But some places have been created by nature in its own way. Today we will tell you about such a beautiful place through this article of ours. Located in China, Tianmen Mountain attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. 1518 meters high (about 5 thousand feet) is the tallest cave in the world on this mountain and this cave is also called the way to heaven.

This is how the cave was built

It is said about this place that some part of the mountain was broken here about 253 BC, due to which this cave was built. Being at a height of 5 feet, this cave is always surrounded by clouds and upon seeing it, it seems as if there is a path going through the clouds. For this reason, people call it the door to heaven. Cable car facility is available to reach this place. This cableway remains the longest and highest in the world. The name of this cableway is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. After reaching the roads and cableways, they climb 999 steps to reach the cave.

The door to heaven is in Tianmen Mountain of China
The door to heaven is in Tianmen Mountain of China

There is also a Buddhist monastery (There is also a Buddhist monastery)

A very beautiful Buddhist monastery is also located at this place. In the 20th century it is said that there used to be a waterfall near this mountain. Whose water used to fall directly below a height of about 1500 meters. This waterfall was seen by people for only 15 minutes, after which it disappeared. However, now there is no sign of this waterfall.

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The door to heaven is in Tianmen Mountain of Chin
The door to heaven is in Tianmen Mountain of China

Many treasures are hidden in the cave

It is said about this cave that many treasures are hidden inside this cave. Many people tried to find it, but people failed to find this treasure.

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Many treasures are hidden in the cave for tourists

In August 2016, a glass skywalk was opened for tourists called the “Coiling Dragon Cliff”. This transparent glass passage made of a straight rock is about 200 feet (60 meters) long. People from every corner of the world come to see the beauty of this place through this skywalk. However, very few tourists dare to walk on this skyway. Tianmen Mountain overlooks the bird’s eye view of Tianmen Mountain Park. Tourists coming here have to take off their shoes and be given special shoes before walking on the skywalk so that this path made of glass remains clean and transparent.

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