5 Tips to Boost your Hindi While You Are Traveling in India

Boost and Learn Hindi in India

We posted recently on how much fun it is to study Hindi in India and how it can contribute positively to your entire travel experience. We also recommended some reputable places where you can study. In this post, I will suggest a few tips to boost your Hindi while you are traveling in India.

Of course, the following tips are only useful if you already have a grasp of some basic Hindi vocabulary and grammar… so I am afraid to say that only being able to say ‘yes’ and ‘no won’t be of much help but you do not need to be an expert. I must say that I met an Australian guy who spoke fluent Hindi only by watching the Hindi TV series!

So here goes. Some tips to boost and learn Hindi in India

Insist on speaking Hindi with locals even if they don’t want to

Many Indian people tend to show off their English skills and might be a little bit impatient in your efforts to improve your Hindi. Do not speak English what so ever! It’s a battle out there and you must win…

Read a Hindi newspaper every day in a chai shop

The reason for reading in a chai shop specifically is that the people there will usually be only too happy to help you. Unlike fancy coffee shops in the center of town, chai shops are usually in non-English speaking areas and people there will be just as curious of you as you are in them. Hindi is a very good channel of communication. Always have a pen with you and note down any new words and phrases that you will pick up. Besides the value of improving your Hindi, it is really fun to interact over a cup of chai.

Get off the beaten track

We advise you to stay away from the beaten track all the time especially if you are looking to improve your Hindi skills. You will need a lot of will power to avoid speaking English if you stay for a long time in places where English is the default language (touristy areas). However, when you will find yourself in a remote village you will simply have no choice but to implement everything you have learned and of course improve on what you already know.

Bollywood movies

They are fun and pure entertainment and give you such a great opportunity to pick up some Hindi that it would be an absolute shame if you won’t go to the cinema as much as you can while you’re in India. Almost every city has dozens of cinemas so just ask the locals during your morning chai stop where the nearest cinema is (Hint: Yahann ke aas pass koi cinema Ghar hai?). On top of just enjoying a movie and learning some Hindi watching the cinema in India is an experience in itself. Brace yourself you are going to be exposed to Hindi movie mania. There are no words (not in this post anyway) to describe the phenomenon of cinema in Indian culture. You don’t always have to go to the cinema you can just watch UTV, Sony Set, Zee Cinema on your TV.

Indian TV

Watch TV in the hotel only when you have absolutely nothing to do which is not often when you are in India. As I mentioned earlier I met a guy who picked up Hindi only by watching soap operas. But again this is the last resort… because human interaction is always best!

If you have any questions, comments or tips about learning Hindi please let us know and we will be happy to hear and help

Dhanyavad, Shukriya, Thanks

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