3 Quiet Delhi Weekend Places For City Travelers

3 Quiet Delhi Weekend Places For City Traveler

These are the best quiet Delhi weekend places for weary travellers:

  1. Lodhi Garden
  2. India Habitat Center
  3. India International Center

If you want to have a quiet Delhi weekend, then these are the places you should go to.

1. India International Center, Max Mueller Marg

If you would like to attend a seminar, conference or a talk-session, then I would recommend the India International Center highly to you. It is located on the Max Mueller Marg and is just adjacent to the famous Lodhi garden.

The IIC hosts discussions on several topics like culture, politics, music, art, history, etc. You will love its campus when you visit this building. You will find people here to be nice, courteous, well-read and successful in life.

India International Center is a club actually but its building is made on government land. Entry to this quiet weekend destination is free. To know what all is happening at the IIC this weekend, please visit this website: www.iicdelhi.nic.in


You may drive down to this place or take the Delhi Metro. If you are taking the latter, please get down at the Khan Market Metro Station, and take an autorickshaw to the IIC.

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2. India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

This is one of my favourite Delhi weekend destinations, and I am sure you would like it too.

India Habitat Center is a magnet for all kinds of people- young adults, children, grown-ups, students, and the curious. IHC regularly hosts music concerts, book launches, conferences, art exhibitions, etc daily as well as on weekends. If you are a theatre lover, you may explore what all is happening at the IHC by visiting this official website: www.indiahabitat.org

There are a couple of interesting restaurants here- American Diner and Eatopia. Once done with your event, you may head over to either of them and satisfy your hunger.


You can drive down to IHC and park your car in its vast parking space completely free of charge. Alternately, take the Delhi Metro and get off at the Khan Market station. Take an auto and arrive at India Habitat Center.

3. Lodhi Garden, Lodhi Road

This 100-year old garden is located right next to the India International Center.

What makes it unique is its vast size, pretty landscape, several old monuments, and a cute lake.

Lodhi garden has everything for everyone. If you are a tree lover, then you will find 100s of various species in this Central Delhi Park. History lovers will love this garden for its monuments while bird lovers come here for the various kinds of birds that live here. On weekends, many families come to Lodhi Garden for picnics. It is a good place to do Yoga as well. On some days, you will find amateur musicians here belting out some really good numbers. Entry is free.

There are no restaurants in Lodhi Garden. However, you can have chai courtesy the numerous chai-sellers who roam around in this garden.

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You can arrive here by taking a car or a cab. Please note that there is very little parking available on the main gate of Lodhi garden. Alternately, take the Delhi Metro, and get off at the Khan Market Metro station. From there, take an auto or a cab to reach this place.

Other Quiet Delhi Weekend Places

  • Sundar Nursery
  • Humayun Tomb
  • Delhi Zoo
  • Purana Qila
  • Safdarjang Tomb

All these places are close to one another and located in South-Central Delhi. To know more about these peaceful places.

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