10 Best Instagram Indian Destinations

10 Best Instagram Indian Destinations

Unarguably, India is one of the most photogenic destinations around the globe. From beautiful hills and valleys, beaches and rivers, forests and ancient palaces, forts to temples, there are loads of experiences which one can take back from a single snap. Capturing and sharing a definitive travel photograph at an iconic app like Instagram delineates an integral essence of visiting an Indian gem amongst the Globetrotters and travelers.

With splendid beaches, a rich culture, loads of ancient heritage magnificent monuments and majestic temples, India come across to be an enthralling country to visit. A visitor to an adored location does benefit a lot from the guidance in concern to the best destination surfed on Instagram. Since we have become socially adept on the digital platform, travel is one thing for which we can greatly rely on Instagram for inspiration.

Traveling leaves you speechless, turns you into a philosophical storyteller.

These days, most of the Globetrotters share their travel visits or stories on Instagram, thus bestowing us with some serious travel goals and objectives. These fabulous travel Instagrammers show us such amazing corners of the world which we might never envision in person. However, various travel enthusiasts take their respective travel diaries seriously while they hit the roads.

How has Instagram Affected Traveling?

There is immense power in picking up a camera every day- saying yes to innovative thinking. It reminds us to constantly explore where exactly our tale might lead us and to stretch in the direction of honesty & excitement.

These days, Instagram is used as a strong tool to convey passion. According to statistics, people are engaged 10 times more on Insta than on any other social media platform. The top Instagram travel destination can easily motivate you to visit the most endeavored or photogenic location. The sharing of experience by the Instagram travelers has brought together several communities whilst boosting the tourism of those unraveled places.

Here are the influencers – presenting you with 10 best Instagram travel destination spot which you must visit. The curated list is based upon beautiful locations and is purely subjective.


Situated on the crest of hills and woods, Dharamkot is a beautiful hill station around 14 km away from the town Dharamshala. This stunning location provides a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range and Kangra valley. The above image on Instagram is of Galu Devi Temple that is located in the dense forest of Deodar and Oak.


Spiti Valley is an Indian remote destination to be accessed by traversing the highest mountain passes. From Manali, the traveler has to cross the Rohtang pass and sweep through the tricky Rani Nala to reach the Spiti Valley. The ultimate fun and adventure of traveling Spiti are that there is no proper road journey, no proper vegetation for miles and desolation all around. Spiti Valley calls for a perfect place to relax and chill with buddies.


Thiruvanmyur Beach often known as the breezy beach is home to many beaches in the suburbs making it a popular destination spot for tourists and youngsters. Situated in South Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur is located close to the IT corridor. On an overwhelming vacation day when Marina Beach and Elliot Beach seem profusely stupendous, Thiruvanmiyur Beach calls for an appealing destination spot.


Famous for its cleanliness and natural attraction, Mawlynnong is a small village located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. A visit to Shillong would be called incomplete if you fail to visit the subtle little village situated approximately 90 km away from Shillong. The entire journey in totality adds to the fun of visiting the rural den. Also, the rural area is adorned with the title of being Asia’s Cleanest Village. This place is also referred to be a photographer’s paradise.


The Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal is not just a beautiful tourist destination in India but is also the most captured and uploaded a snap on Instagram. This captivating tomb receives millions of visitors every year from around the globe. The pride of India, the Taj Mahal is the most rejoiced and praised monuments in the world.


Another piece of heaven residing on earth. This marvelous ex-Buddhist kingdom is spectacularly surrounded by rugged mountains and picturesque gompas or monasteries offering a unique appeal. Beautifully colored fluttering flags spread spirituality with the cool blowing breeze. The dramatic mountains in Ladakh offer unforgettable landscape views being no less than a treat for the photographers. Nothing can be more enchanting than the snow-laden heavenly glimpse of Ladakh.


Lonavala is a misty weekend getaway to grab a dozen full of a breather. A popular hill station located near to Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala is the best place to hang out during monsoons. With splendid location, lakes, hills, and waterfalls, Lonavala is a frequently visited place by all types of people especially the photographers, hikers, and trekkers. Surrounded by woods, waterfalls, and dams, Lonavala is a must-visit tourist destination and a fantastic getaway spot to spend a good trip.


A beach town and place of worship, Diveagar Beach is known for its crystal clear water and clean sand. This is a great place located in Mumbai for an instant getaway. Much rejoiced and cherished destination spot, Diveagar has become a frequent location for the Instagrammers.


One of the most popular sea resort tourist destinations of West Bengal, Digha is situated in the East Midnapore district. Surrounded by Casuarina trees, Digha is considered the most charming place with an awesome environment and rumbling sea waves. This reason triggers to be the essential element to bring in thousands of tourists and photographers to this location to nurture their art of photography and spend quality time with the surrounding environment.


This beautiful Indian archipelago is conveniently situated in the vast Bay of Bengal enhancing its beauty immensely. A cluster of 300 islands, Andamans is blessed with tranquil blue water beaches, diverse underwater life as well as pristine water all around. With beaches possessing white sand, crystal blue waters, dense and lush green tropical forest, Andamans has all that one craves for a perfect picturesque vacation.Enjoy the high tides with good vibes

Instagram, the ultimate app has been visual traction or journal for various travelers with epic records of beautiful landscapes, journeys, experiences, best travel locations in India. From beaches to woods, from monuments to valleys, India’s Instagram users make sure to explore every facet and phase of life through a snap. Unlike web and print media platforms, the instantaneous feedback about the uploaded images is the most striking aspect of Instagram photographs. From beautiful monuments to epitomizing glorious sceneries, Instagram allows travelers to curate their passion for nature and traveling across the country to a larger audience to garner more views and inspiration. The stunning and attractive visuals give way to the unbelievable stories regarding India and its hidden heritage to people at large. If you are a person who shares an immense interest in visiting new and beautiful places in search of secrets and refined history, then you must switch to Instagram and follow your passion for viewing and reliving the best Indian destinations.

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